OnePageX – Easiest Exchange for over 140+ Cryptocurrencies!

Have you ever hear of OnePageX? Well if you haven’t I am here to show you one of the absolute EASIEST ways to transfer and exchange your cryptocurrencies. OnePageX offers one of the fastest ways to swap cryptocurrencies and adds new cryptocurrencies weekly. One of the hardest things for new cypto users is to be able to move coins from one cryptocurrency to another. This is huge and I am going to show you one of the most utilized reason that OnePageX is a great option.

OnePageX allows you to exchange your tokens and process the transaction on ONE PAGE. You do not have to navigate through different tabs and different areas of the website. Presently you are able to exchange any of these coins into over 140+ other cryptos in just a few minutes. The automation is flawless and I have used this over 50 times with no problem at all.

Another benefit is OnePageX allows EOS exchanging! This is HUGE! Considering EOS is going to be on of the top 3 coins that will have an impact on society and blockchain (IMO) this is the easiest way to exchange your EOS and still OWN your private keys. Coinbase recently added EOS buying and trading, however you do not own your own keys (always remember that! This is important for those that are going to want to be owning EOS and hold their own keys!

Lastly, the support of this exchange is real. I have never had an issue, however you can see that they are live and active on all of these below. You can trust them. It is always great to have an exchange that you can trust!

I am a huge fan of OnepageX and I look forward to continue using them and watching them grow. The easiest way to move adoption is automation for the masses. Need to “keep it simple stupid” and OnePageX does just that!

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