WLS has a Bidder on the tape!…Support over 1.00 BTS

Whaleshares has a bidder on the tape! WLS is a fork of STEEM and has made some unique changes and growing in their own way. Whaleshares seems to be gaining traction and many have voiced their opinion that they “like” whaleshares better. Only time will tell and I believe there is a place for both! Logging on to bitshares I noticed something below…


Whaleshares has a bidder! Someone wants some WLS, about 45000 of them in fact. They are sitting on the bid as you can see in the photo.

They do not want to pay up for these considering the liquidity is small and there is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH for them to do so. Hopefully this type of support stays in tact in the coming days and weeks as the whaleshares chain continues to grow!

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