Update Bitcoin 1D

The candlestick has made a bearish close, however, this looks very bullish, there is no sign of reversal and let’s remember that the previous close has been above subwave 1 with a strong candlestick, this is a bullish indicator in the short term, I have moved the target higher to 11500 where the price could make the next correction within a range of 11500 – 10600.

In 1H we can see how the price is moving correctly within the range of 9424 – 9182, currently the smaller figure is a bullish flag with a bullish signal in its structure.

In conclusion, BTC is in excellent shape, the price is mounted on a rocket to the moon, this subwave 3 is going to be impressive in its route, we should have a clean move towards 11500 with intermediate patterns that we must take into account, however, don’t expect long corrections in this third subwave because you are going to lose money waiting for impossible targets, therefore, I recommend to be very attentive to the price action in 1D and always remember to place your stop losses to avoid possible invalidations during the move.

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