Update Bitcoin 1D

BTC has tested the resistance at 8490 where it has found the supply and the price has started to fall in its EW advance, we are going for the fifth wave of the correction within this downward wedge, the best zone to buy will be the demand range located at 8200 – 8090, after the break of the diagonal we will see a brief accumulation before going for the break of the high range and be able to call vegeta finally, taking from support the 9100, it will be the last time we see BTC at that price.

I have placed the extended graph so we can see how the price is doing a correct throwback to the top diagonal of the bullish flag, once we complete the test, the train will start … who will get on board? … Choo choo… the train is approaching the station 😀

In conclusion, BTC is close to end the wave 2 of this subwave, the third wave will move faster, therefore, we must take into account the future patterns that will develop during the movement, for the moment I recommend waiting to see the reaction of the price once we reach the range of demand, then will come the confirmation.

Happy trading 😉

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