What it takes to be a successful trader

To be a successful trader you must know that many factors are required, and almost all of them depend exclusively on your effort, there are people who think that trading is complicated, they are not wrong, however, I prefer to say that trading is easy, what is really difficult is to be a good trader, trading is only buying cheap to sell expensive, of course it requires technical knowledge to determine the areas of purchase and sale, however, an investor is able to do it leveraged from a trader, therefore, trading is easy for that reason, but to be a trader requires the following:

– Basic knowledge of trading.

– Technical knowledge of trading.

– Financial knowledge.

– Risk and capital management.

– Many hours of daily study.

– Years of experience.

– Superhuman control of emotions.

– Intelligence.

– Discipline.

– Physical condition.

– Motivation.

– Confidence.

– Consistency.

– Patience.

Like any other profession, trading demands a high level of discipline from the trader, this entails making many sacrifices throughout the learning process, it is also necessary to have an educated mind, not only in the intellectual aspect, but also in the emotional control, we are human beings who are affected by the emotions involved in every situation of our lives, in trading, Different scenarios occur in each market, trading them means getting completely involved in a sea of emotions and feelings, it is already difficult to deal with these emotions at a personal level, imagine if you let yourself be carried away by the collective feeling of the market, so it is important to have confidence in your knowledge as a trader and not follow the flow of external information that each analyst may have.

Many beginners may think that trading is just about sitting down and placing a trade, however, this is not a casino, if you trade that way you won’t get very far, to be a good trader you have to be in good physical condition to spend hours and hours in front of a computer, I trade from the time I get up until I fall asleep, many times this is in the early morning hours, because just like any other good professional or successful person you have to work very hard for your goals, if you want to be excellent as a trader, you have to prepare yourself for such hard work, physically and mentally, this is a beautiful profession with great rewards for those who are willing to do all of the above, trading has many ecosystems where as a trader you can participate not only through market operations, there are competitions, investments, multiple exchanges, etc…I am very happy to have decided some years ago to become an excellent trader, I never settle, I always want to be learning more, because I know that the moment you stop learning, you stop growing, I highly recommend anyone who likes trading, continue with your learning, never give up on the losses, your goal and reward is higher than any intermediate fall, focus on being better than you used to be, analyze your mistakes and try solutions, the learning curve is high, but every advance you make brings you closer to being a better trader, I started my learning and practice as a trader in the top of 2017 entering long, that was not the only time I lost all my capital, but I always kept going, do you know why?, because I always realized that the mechanics of the market is something that can be learned and mastered, so there has always been the technical analysis of the graphics, this is not a game of chance, is a profession that demands knowledge and much effort to also be part of those who get great benefits from multiple and large markets.

I hope this post helps you understand what it takes to be a trader and also motivates you to keep going in this great profession, never give up 😉

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