The Bedcoin Team is Planning on Creating a John Wick Continental Hotel

Have you seen the movie John Wick?  Did you remember how cool the Continental Hotel was?

Well the team from Bedcoin is planning to create a Continental style hotel where you will use bedcoin to pay for special services, etc. (pretty sure no killing will also be a rule..hehe)

Here is more from their medium post...

Bedcoin is working to create a global community of Bedcoin holders that can use Bedcoins to unlock special accommodation features.

Bedcoins have two utilities:

Profit Sharing -  Access profit sharing on the Bedcoin Platform when the profits from the investment portfolio are shared with Bedcoin Holders.

Traveling Services - Bedcoin will create a series of rooms / accommodation units which can be booked in special conditions only using Bedcoins as a payment coin.

You can read more about it in there post:  Bedcoin is Planning to Create a Real Life Version of John Wick Continental Hotel

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