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Bitcoin remains rather quiet and not much has changed since my previous post “Bitcoin (and others) – What’s happening?”. Honestly I am having difficulty with sorting out the channels, Fib levels, support levels etc. It’s not that I can’t find them, it’s that we currently appear to have three sets of them (two diagonal Fib level sets and one standard set of support and resistance levels)!

Obviously that does not make for a pretty charting experience. Looking holistically, I surmise that we are seeing evidence of the uncertainty in the markets and that BTC remains highly volatile – much like everything else. The bubble in the major financial markets MUST pop, and will take BTC down with it when it does. But fundamentals remain rock solid and BTC is still a great place to be, especially with Gold at $1700 and climbing. Money will still shower into BTC, so hodl, hodl, hodl!

That’s all that I have to say about crypto for now. I’ll keep doing the small updates on Twitter and TIMM when necessary. For now, let’s move onto the main topic of this post: Covid-19


Rumours about Covid-19 are rife

The usually strange internet has now completely lost its marbles. Never before have I seen such lunacy. Never before have I seen so many unsubstantiated ideas, conspiracies, denial and just general mainstream madness!

I know that it can get confusing. I’ve seen many fairly intelligent people fall for crazy ideas over the last month or two. As soon as something is beyond your area of expertise, you become a pawn – drifting at the mercy of those who do know. Sadly, chances are high that you will run into uninformed opinions and/or biased information – which will then corrupt your own views and understanding. Come on: tell me I’m wrong here…

So here I am to save the day by sorting the rubbish out of the fact pile.

Why me? I’ve had a few fingers pointed at me lately: “What do you know Bit Brain? What makes you the expert? What are your qualifications?”

Those who have been reading my blog for a while should be able to answer that for themselves by now. For those who don’t know me, let me say this:

I’m smart. I’m REALLY smart. Yeah I’m arrogant and boastful too – but what does that matter? I can (and often do) teach myself just about anything. I don’t need to sit in a classroom to learn and I don’t need a professor to explain concepts to me. I place masses of information in front of my eyeballs, an then I absorb! But what really sets me apart is that I then take that information, and I correlate it. I cross-reference it and I incorporate related knowledge from other fields, I mix it all together.

The result is simply the most holistic view of anything and everything all combined into one comprehensive understanding of how the world works. And by “world”, I mean “universe”. That’s my background. Believe me if you like, or don’t. But at the end of the day you have to get your information from someone – who better than me? As always, it’s your choice.

And now we will take a look at what Covid-19 ISN’T.

What Covid-19 is not:

The Flu

We’ll start with an easy one. Covid-19 is not the seasonal flu. It’s nothing like it. If you’re comparing infection and/or death rates with the flu, then you’re simply demonstrating your ability to commit radical logical fallacies.

Similarly: it’s not MERS, SARS, Swine Flu etc. You can extrapolate data from other pandemics and base a few predictions on them, but please don’t try that if you don’t know what you’re doing. And that applies to everyone – including specialist national advisers and the WHO (both of whom have performed dismally during this pandemic so far).

Caused by 5G


If you think that 5G causes major health issues, then you have no understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and its effects on organic tissue.

If you don’t have in-depth understand of the EM spectrum, then why the hell are you commenting on the effects of 5G? You literally don’t know what you’re talking about.

If you make uninformed statements, then you’re just being stupid. Stupid isn’t a colour which looks good on ANYBODY! Except maybe Steve-O from Jackass. But you’re not Steve-O, are you?

An excuse to vaccinate you against your will

No anti-vaxxers. “They” are not out on a crusade to make you autistic. It’s bad enough that you’re already an anti-vaxxer, without you being autistic as well! 😆

The anti-vaxxer community is so ridiculously illogical that I feel it is beneath me to even comment on this. Nevertheless…

In VERY simple terms: the default anti-vaxxer view of “health sacrificed for profit” is fundamentally flawed. In no way are exploitative big pharma profits mutually exclusive from vaccine benefits.

Vaccination WORKS you nitwits! Yes, people profit from that. No, that doesn’t make the contents of the syringe toxic. People also profit from all the food you eat. What are you going to do next, stop eating?

Believe it or not, Louis Pasteur was NOT out to create a global big pharma money-spinner when he started injecting antibodies into chickens back in 1879.

Any yes, people DO have adverse reactions to vaccines. We call those allergies. You can get them from grass too. Or peanuts. They will only adversely affect a small percentage of people, and those who are adversely affected will probably not react negatively to other vaccines – even other vaccines for the same disease. You’re not allergic to the antibodies, you’re allergic to other chemicals in a particular solution.

A government bio-weapon

Let’s clear something up: it IS feasible that Covid-19 could have come from a lab, a lab which was experimenting on creatures such as bats.

But if that is the case, then the virus escaped the lab. Not “deliberately realised”, but “escaped” – big difference.

Nobody deliberately creates a bio-weapon over which they have no control. They don’t do so because such a weapon would negatively affect them. It would have the ability to kill its creators. Even if they developed an antidote and kept it to themselves, they would still endanger their family and friends, their income and virtually everything else that they depend upon for their daily survival! Food, water, entertainment, social stability, transport, energy…

Covid-19 may be a natural mutation or it may be a forced mutation created in a lab. But as a man who knows a lot about all kinds of weapons and how to use them – I can tell you that this isn’t one.

Being blown out of proportion/over-hyped

I’m not even going to elaborate.

For this paragraph I’m simply going to say: “You’ll see.”

A well-planned excuse to put jackboots on the ground and oppress people’s liberties

Make no mistake: governments around the world are SEVERELY oppressing people!

Rights are being thrown to the wind, democracy is all but forgotten and abuse of power is the order of the day.

I like this!

I like this because all these things are what us Libertarians have been saying all along! Nothing fundamental has changed guys, everything is now just more openly visible and out on display!

I see this as a good thing, it may just wake a few sheep up – or it may send them deeper into their state of denial. I must say that I have NEVER seen anything even close to the level of denial and blatant pro-dictatorship sentiment that I am seeing now. I attribute that to a scared population not knowing where to turn other than to their traditional authority figures.

That’s pathetic by the way!

Suddenly all these “grown adults”, these “individuals”, “critical thinkers” and “leaders” have turned to jelly when the pressure started to rise! I would have had far more sympathy if they hadn’t been so arrogant and full of themselves prior to this event! Now I have only scorn to offer them, until such a time as they are willing to come to their senses and perceive reality sans rosy filters.

If you think that governments planned this in advance then you give them way too much credit! As the proverb goes: they couldn’t plan a p***-up in a brewery. And since we’re talking about 200 odd governments here, we can see that such coordination and planning across the whole world could NEVER take place!

Have you ever been to a multi-national planning event before? I’ve been to quite a few. It is the most slow and frustrating scenario imaginable. The larger and more diverse they are, the worse they become. 99% of effort is expended on diplomacy and translation.

What really happened here is that governments got “lucky”. Being opportunists who are always on the hunt for money and power (how many times have I written about that now?), they simply jumped on the passing bandwagon with VERY little (if any) planning and forethought. This can be evidenced in their disastrous Covid-19 policies, laws and panicky reactive behaviour.

Footnote: aren’t you furious that your government didn’t have a well-planned “Virus Pandemic Management Plan” that’s been sitting in a dusty drawer for a few decades? I am! Imagine how many lives could have been saved if our politicians had actually done their jobs properly!

A well-planned excuse to manipulate the economies

The reasoning for this is much the same as the reasoning behind the previous point.

Like the government using Covid-19 as an excuse to squash democratic principles, those behind economic manipulation are also just being opportunists. Of course “those behind economic manipulation” includes governments, they are major players in this, though bankers, large multinationals, the deep state etc. also play critical roles.

The opportunism seen now is exceedingly worrying: the bailouts, QE, not QE, helicopter drops, interest rate drops, changes to fractional reserve limitations, and just general “money printing” can not continue without serious consequences!

Debunking this strategy is so simple that I’ll do it right now: If this worked, then why didn’t we just set the money printers to “BRRR!” back when fiat money first came into being? By that logic, we would all be rich by now! Or what about the Weimar Republic? Why did it not achieve unrivalled prosperity and become the poster-child for good banking practises?

No my friends, this is merely an extension of the manipulation we see every single day. This is the rich taking yet another opportunity to steal from the poor. But they didn’t plan it, they’re merely surfing the wave.

To be taken lightly

This virus has the power to kill.

Mortality rates are high. Published mortality rates are not representative of the big picture and will probably rise considerably over time (for various reasons which are too complex to dig into here). Chances of infection are extremely high.

Please! Do not underestimate the power of this virus. I’m not saying “live in fear”. I’m saying “apply suitable levels of caution and make the necessary lifestyle changes”.

Nearly finished/gone

Unfortunately Covid-19 will still be with us for a long time to come. The curves are not done climbing, we won’t have a vaccine for many months (probably more than a year), herd immunity is still billions of cases away.

If you see data to the contrary, then it is false. Maybe deliberately, maybe accidentally, but it IS false.

Self-serving narratives are being sown, these narratives are used to justify things such as government control measures – e.g. emergency powers wrt finances or the limitation of freedoms of the populace. Be very wary of all data! Some governments are being good: they test well and they report well. Some are rotten. I know for a fact that mine is lying about its stats – I determined that by my own statistical analysis and then confirmed it with an inside source.

As I say with all charts and figures: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and decide for YOURSELF!

Important: when the virus figures do go into decline, do not celebrate prematurely! Those curves can bounce back again!

On this topic: When does Bit Brain think that the Covid-19 pandemic will end? I estimate that by mid-2021 the virus will be under control/manageable and that by the end of 2022/early 2022 we may start to see life return to normal – at least from a virus perspective.

Which bring us to:

More important than the economy

This is the thing keeping me up at night. This really scares me!

Covid-19 is a little scary. Government tyranny is scarier. The stupidity of the masses is the scariest.

The effects on the economy? Those are now way past the upper limit of the “scary, scarier, scariest” scale!

I pains me to see people saying “prioritise healthcare at all costs! SAVE LIVES!”

By now you probably know that I’m all about saving lives and helping the common man. I want to see the best possible outcome for the greatest possible number of people.

If the economy tanks, then we will not see some recession, we will see a truly massive depression!

The economy is almost certain to tank. (“Economy” can be seen as singular – since every country is essentially just an extension of the US economy.)

Considering that the scared public have turned to government for help and further oppression, and considering the gross economic manipulation we have already seen – I do not see how we can possibly avoid a massive economic crash.

Hell, I was saying that such a crash was unavoidable BEFORE Covid-19 was a factor!

So what now, are we to resign ourselves to doom?

Well no, we CAN still fight this. While a depression is now almost certainly inevitable, the depth and duration of such a depression have yet to be determined! We can still try to limit the damage by limiting the extent of the depression, and we do that by prioritising an economic restart ASAP!

Yes, people WILL get sick if they break lockdown and go back to work. But do you want to know the ugly truth? They were going to get sick anyway. Delaying the inevitable is NOT a viable strategy, ESPECIALLY when your economy is on the line!

The other horrible truth is that poverty kills. Poverty kills just as a virus kills. But poverty could kill even more people if we allow it to. Limiting the spread of poverty has the same affect as limiting the spread of the virus: it saves lives.

Not only that: it saves depression, stress, domestic violence, alcoholism and drug addiction, violent crime, illegal trade, poor education (with ITS own wide-reaching effects!), suicide, charity organisations etc etc ad infinitum, ad nauseam. If you can limit poverty, you can limit a lot of VERY bad things! I’ve stayed in some nasty places, believe me when I tell you that you want to see such things minimised!


I’ve obviously missed many talking points in this article, feel free to hit the comments section with any additional ones.

Yes: hardship awaits, but how is that any different to any other day? The Libertarians of the cryptocurrency community have been preparing for the worst for some time now. True: crypto preparations won’t protect you from a virus, but the type of forward thinking analysis that is applied to cryptocurrencies, can be applied to dealing with a virus too. As a community, we should be happy: we’re probably better prepared to weather this storm than most – and we’ve been expecting it!

If you’re brand new to the cryptoverse then:

  1. Welcome!
  2. You’re not too late. Bitcoin is still cheap as chips (that’s a real saying Americans, I promise) and you have NOT missed the boat! Indeed: we can expect to see further cryptocurrency price drops when the major economies fall and fear dominates the markets. Learn all you can as fast as you can, my blog posts are a good place to start 😉

Stay frosty out there folks. Conspiracies, misinformation, government lies, media lies, social media lies – they’re all in hyper mode. If you need clarification or assistance, then ask. I’m always happy to help. There is no shame in asking for help, I promise I won’t bite. There is much shame in not asking for help and then making a bad choice.

Best of luck to you all.

Yours in crypto and Covid

Bit Brain

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