The Big Boys Win Again. $BYND Jumps 150+% on IPO Day

$BYND started trading today and was priced as an IPO at $25 per share by the loony tune bankers. BYND ticker stands for Beyond Meat, Inc. which specializes in meat alternatives such as, for example, plant based burgers. This IPO caught me by surprise but there are many that do. I waited to see what happened….

BYND was priced at 19-22 dollar per share and had a final pricing of $25 each from the big boys. Well now that the big boys are already in, let’s push the price up and see where we can get the public to open this baby and lock in some gains….

BYND then opened at $46 dollars per share and is selling to the public. Well Then this happens…

BOOM. $BYND spikes off the $46 dollar open because NO ONE likes burgers with real meat in them, we want the alternative! From there you can see the power of this move considering NOT EVERYONE was able to get those $26 prices that are rigged in the bank’s favor. Hey guess what, the computers and the banks see this fire off the open, so they BUY MORE. Now they just got BYND at 26, AND 45-50.

The public is STUCK paying into the 60’s and BYND is now currently up “over 165+%” on it’s first day a trading. Which is a completely BOLOGNA number that should be measured from the PUBLIC OPENING PRICE of 46, not 26.

Not surprising the big boys win again and will likely be selling in the coming days and weeks. It ALSO WILL NOT be surprising to see BYND come back through $46 dollars at some point soon down the road…

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