Environmental Bonus officially extended in Germany (

Environmental Bonus officially extended in Germany (

  • Following an earlier announcement in May, the German “Umweltbonus” (environmental grant), has now officially been extended until the end of 2020.
  • BEVs and fuel cell vehicles are eligible for €2,000 each by the state and the manufacturer (i.e. €4,000 in total), while PHEVs receive a subsidy of €1,500 from both (€3,000 in total).
  • AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems), the new acoustic warning system that new EVs are required install starting July 1st, will be subsidised with €100.

Analysis & Comments

  • Between the end of January and the end of May, a total of 22,426 applications were made, bringing the total from 97,645 to 120,071. Of those 120,071 applications, 66% are BEVs. Regarding popular brands, BMW leads with 16.2% of applications, followed by Renault (13.3%), VW (12.1%), and smart (11.4%). Tesla currently accounts for 5.1% of applications.
  • While the number of applications has been growing steadily, those totals still imply that the €600m federal subsidy fund remains well filled, particularly given that it is boosted by a further €600m from manufacturers.

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