Fortnite now represents 1/4th of TOTAL Sports Videos Watched on Youtube !

Fortnite Is Changing YouTube And Impacting Marketing (Forbes)

  • Tubular labs, a video intelligence and measurement firm, has released a report on how Fortnite utilises influencer marketers on YouTube.
  • Video content includes game tutorials, walk-throughs, gameplay and influencers talking about the game.
  • Sports as a vertical category has received 197bn views, while Fortnite is the second highest with 50bn views on YouTube.

Analysis and Comments

  • Given that consumers tend to look to peers and influencers for product recommendations as brands and traditional media/ advertising are often met with distrust, influencer marketing (IM) is becoming increasingly popular in a broad number of sectors.
  • In gaming, influencers tend to focus on 1-2 games (usually within the same genre), instead of splitting their time between a large number of games.
  • Monitoring their viewership levels (mainly on YouTube and Twitch) can therefore give an indication of the trajectory of a game’s active player base. The same goes for monitoring the number of influencers currently streaming a game and creating content around it.
  • A recent example of how powerful influencers can be is EA’s recent launch of Apex Legends – the game’s surprise launch in combination with EA paying prominent influencers to stream the game, led to it reaching 25m signed-up players and 2m concurrent players within its first week.

Tencent owns more than 40% of Epic Games (Fortnite Creator)

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