Nestle claims its plant-based Awesome Burger is healthier than rivals

Nestle claims its plant-based Awesome Burger is healthier than rivals (endgadget)

  • Nestlé’s plant-based Awesome Burger reportedly has a higher fibre-content than the products of major plant-based protein competitors (Impossible & Beyond Meat) and more protein than a meat burger, while having no saturated fats and high iron/Vitamin C content.
  • The patty is made from a veggie mix that includes yellow peas and wheat, and should be available at cafeterias, grocery stores, and restaurants later this year.

Analysis & Comments

  • Foodtech companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have certainly been making headlines in recent months, and while they arguably have a head-start in the plant-based burger category, the article rightly states that Nestlé has one big advantage: scale.
  • The Awesome Burger is made by Sweet Earth, a California-based brand that Nestle acquired back in 2017, and like the products from Beyond and Impossible, it is made to taste and look like beef.
  • Beyond uses pea protein as well, while Impossible uses soy protein for its plant based burger.
  • Large packaged food producers such as Kraft-Heinz, Nestlé, and Danone are all stepping up investments into plant-based foodalternatives (i.e. jumping on the plant-based bandwagon…).

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