ScaredyCatGuide to Being Ambitiously Lazy

The title kind of seems like an oxymoron. How can someone be both ambitious and lazy, wouldn’t one effectively cancel out the other?

Let me ask you something:

  • Do you consider yourself ambitious?
  • Do you consider yourself a hard worker?

Do those the two terms go hand and hand?

I contend they do not!


Ambitiously Lazy

Most people consider me ambitious, they also consider me to be a hard worker. They have this idea that I’m hustling all the time because I have the ambition to pursue multiple things.

This may have been true in my twenties, but in my late thirties – not so much!

“I’m too old for that stuff.” -Roger Murtaugh

Don’t get me wrong, I still bust my butt. However it’s selective and only with things that I can be lazy with after they are established.


Real Estate – You have all seen me post about real estate investing. In the first few years of doing this I read everything I could get my hands on. I looked at dozens and dozens of properties before even buying one. Spent hours upon hours running the financial of a potential deal – I put in time!

Now I just manage my properties. It’s a fraction of the work as opposed to when I was acquiring them. That is what I call ambitiously lazy.

Investment – Busting your butt to save money that gets invested in an asset that provides you passive income. In order to do this you are making sacrifices and possibly hustling. You are working side gigs to earn extra money, you are not buying that new car. Then three years later you take that money and invest in an equity piece of an established small business let’s say.

That investment now provides a passive income, now you don’t need to work the side gig. Now you don’t have to make those sacrifices.

Steemit – I will use my experience as the example. If you take the average frequency of my posts; I have posted nearly everyday for the two plus years I have been on the platform. Did I always have time to do so, nope. Did I always feel like writing, nope.

However, I look at steemit in two ways. First, the social aspect and the feeling of being part of a community. Second, the financial aspect and knowing that I need to earn as much SP as I can in the early stages so when this platform explodes my SP will be worth an amount that can become a passive income. At that point I can write when I feel the motivation to do so, thus more laid back.

That my friends is ambitiously lazy…

and I plan to be ambitiously lazy until I don’t have to work at all anymore.

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