The Dollar and Decision Time

We are approaching the decision point for the US dollar. I am here to convince you that “We All Know How This Ends”…

The chart above shows the global reserve currencies dating back for centuries. You can see the PATTERN. ALL of them last between 80-110 years. This is a pattern, a cycle, a powerful market force that happens in this world that VERY LIKELY WILL repeat itself.

With the dollar we are currently sitting at 98 Years. This statistical pattern suggests that the end of the dollar is likely within the next decade. This is very important and truly displays the time that we are in. I believe that this multi generational cycle will lead into the MASS ADOPTION of cryptocurrency and tokens. As every day goes by, the more I believe in the adoption of cryptocurrency and the full fledged decentralized globe that we will cal home in the future.

I know the naysayers will say that the “government will not allow it”. I do not think they will have a choice. The tipping point has been made and blockchain/cryptocurrencies are the future…

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