Coca-Cola tops the list of plastic packaging waste. What could it mean for the company and its share price?

Coca-Cola reveals total annual plastic packaging consumption (Plastic News)

  • As part of a report by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 31 companies reveal how much plastic packaging waste they create in a year.
  • Coca-Cola tops the list at 3m tonnes of plastic packaging waste, followed by Nestle at 1.7m tonnes.
  • The full report can be downloaded here.

Analysis & Comments

  • The report adds some perspective to the sheer volumes of plastic waste created by individual firms, as well as the growing momentum to become “greener”.
  • However, of the 150 companies who have signed up to MacArthur’s global commitment to reduce plastic pollution, the majority still refuses to publicly disclose figures on their own plastic packaging production (including Pepsi Co, H&M, L’Oréal, Walmart and Marks & Spencer).
  • For those interested, the report gives a detailed overview of the individual signatories (both businesses & governments) and their commitments/ actions to reduce packaging waste.
  • Some of the reports highlights include:
  • Consumer goods companies and retailers committing to increase recycled content in their packaging to an average of 25% by 2025, compared with the current global average of just 2%.
  • Leading businesses and governments will end the use of problematic and unnecessary plastic – including PVC and single-use plastic straws and carrier bags – many of them by the end of this year.
  • 40 brands and retailers are piloting or expanding reuse and refill schemes.

Coca Cola has to take this issue into account as more and more funds are investing in ESG friendly companies

Coca Cola’s Stock Price

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