An Exciting Week!


As an exciting week draws to a close, let’s take a look at some of the important happenings of this week:


At the start of the week I wrote about BTC and what it may do next. At the time, I wrote that we were either looking at the formation of a bull pennant, or were gearing up for a breakdown followed by a price surge, something like this one of 2017:


The latter scenario looks to be the correct one, with BTC dipping, followed by the predicted rapid price recovery. I misjudged the depth of the dip though, I based my support level on the wrong data, with the result that I was off by $300. In retrospect I’m kicking myself, because I spotted the real support level during my initial analysis, but ignored it as I thought it was too small to act as effective support. The chart 2017 chart above is taken from my last BTC post. Looking at it, you can see the little zig-zag of support which formed in May at about $1800, that support level later became the bottom of the dip.

Looking at the 2019 chart below, one can clearly see where I made my mistake:


For me this is a lesson learnt: Don’t ignore the small support/resistance levels during weak market movements. I’ll remember that in future, hopefully that lesson can help you too.

Precious metals

Precious metals have had a whale of a time this week. Gold broke out of its 5-year-old converging triangle a month ago, signalling that greater moves were on the cards. This week we saw some of those moves. Yesterday Gold pushed up to new 2019 highs. In fact, Gold is now trading at prices last seen in May of 2013. That’s exciting for Gold investors and could mean the return of logarithmic growth for Gold. This has been a long time coming: we all knew that Gold price suppression couldn’t last forever. We all knew that clever money would eventually start seeping out of the fiat market and looking for stores of value prior to the next fiat crash (whenever that may finally come). From this point onward, I believe it will be very difficult to stop the rise of Gold and its metallic siblings. The same reasoning applies to Bitcoin.


But the real winner of the metals this week must be Silver. It opened the week at a price of $15.19 and at the time of writing is now trading at $16.35. With a rise of 7.6% for the week, Silver is looking almost as good as crypto!

One of the main reasons that investors remain so eager on Silver right now, is that the Gold/Silver ratio is still heavily tilted towards Gold – far more than what it should be based on the fundamentals of the two metals. Savvy investors have been steadily building up their Silver holdings in anticipation of a long-overdue correction. This week the Gold/Silver ratio dropped from 93:1 to 88:1, despite the rising price of Gold. The highest Gold/Silver ratio ever reached was a brief spike to 100:1 in 1991, after which it dropped steadily down to 40:1 over the following seven years. A “normal” Gold/Silver ratio is about 50:1. With the ratio still having a long way to fall to reach normal levels, Silver continues to look extraordinarily bullish.


Not to be left behind, Platinum also enjoyed sizeable gains over the course of the week. It is on the verge of confirming its breakout from its own converging triangle. Like Silver, the Gold/Platinum ratio is also weighted far too heavily in favour of Gold at the moment. Platinum is usually a little more expensive than Gold, but at the moment Gold is trading at almost 1.7x the price of Platinum! For Platinum to reach “normal” levels again, this means that it would have to roughly double in price. Factor in the fact that Gold is rising in price now, and Platinum becomes another extraordinarily good investment!


I’m so sick of hearing about Zuck’s fake crypto – sooo sick of it. In THIS POST I already showed you why all the Libra hype is just that: hype – and nothing more.
BUT, I’m glad that I’m hearing about it so much. I’m glad for the following reason:

Had Facebook been ready to launch Libra after their big announcement, then it would have been a different story. Even though it’s a stablecoin, I have no doubt that people would have flocked to Libra if it had been launched around the time that its whitepaper was published. People are very greedy creatures; when they hear big money names like “Facebook” in the same sentence as “currency”, then they race to grab whatever they can – like disgusting vultures flocking to a carcass. Only now there is nothing for them to flock to…

In the meantime, Facebook/Libra is getting its name dragged through the mud as regulators go after it from all angles. As I have said on many occasions: Private Blockchains are doomed to fail as cryptocurrencies – centralised blockchains go against all the principles that Satoshi built into blockchains by design – THEY CAN NOT WORK!

As things look bleaker and bleaker for Libra, the less informed public is starting to realise the faults of centralised crypto – and better still – they are realising the benefits of decentralised crypto. Every time the word “Libra” is spoken, it’s in an increasingly negative context. We may even get to the point that it becomes impossible for Zuck to launch his mega-shitcoin at all.

So let people keep speaking about Libra, let them get tired of hearing about it. The novelty value has already worn off, and I think that the more we hear about it now, the less of a big deal it will be if it ever does manage to launch.


and Ontology

Meanwhile in China: NEO and Ontology are cooperating with one another at a whole new level. Yesterday they announced their intention to jointly “build an open cross-chain platform and establish the foundation for next-gen Internet.” The focus seems to be in integration and on cross-chain interoperability. While the two chains were already closely linked, I believe that this will make them even stronger, a case of “the whole being greater then the sum of its parts”.

Read more abut their new joint venture here: “NEO and Ontology to Leverage Respective Strengths to Build an Open Cross-chain Platform”

More Bitcoin

While we’re talking about China –  I almost forgot: it seems that president Xi Jinping is slowly letting cryptocurrency legitimacy creep into his country, just as I have said he would in many of my posts. Xi is progressive and seeks to build his massive nation, something he probably knows he can’t do without embracing crypto technology. He’s taking small steps so as not to annoy the old guard, but the important thing is that he IS taking them!

This article “China Ruling Bitcoin is Property Again Is ‘Major Milestone,’ Says Investor” describes how the Hangzhou Internet Court declared Bitcoin to be “virtual property” yesterday. This is now the second such ruling in China – a move which I think will remove a lot of fear from the minds of potential Chinese Bitcoin investors. If the courts are willing to protect their Bitcoin as “property”, then they need not fear losing it.

I keep telling you: once the Chinese market really opens its wallets to crypto, it will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

I strongly suggest that you get your good Chinese altcoins at cheap prices while you still can! Coins like VeChain, Waltonchain, THEKEY and of course NEO (and ONT) can be had for next to nothing! Most of us missed the chance to buy $0.10 Microsoft, Google or Apple shares – well here are their modern day equivalents! Have you learnt your lesson yet?


All the main topics in this post today are things that I’ve invested in (except for Libra of course!) The purpose is not to get you to buy what I have and inflate the prices (I WISH I could control the prices of Gold or Bitcoin!), it’s to show you why I invest like I do, and to help you not to miss the opportunities that I think are potentially very rewarding. As always – DYOR – but that includes listening carefully to what Bit Brain has to say.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Yours in crypto (and other things)
Bit Brain

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