Decentralised Victories – Revisited

Sorry I didn’t write this sooner. I caught an incredibly severe strain of flu (my thoughts go out to all those suffering from the far more severe Covid-19 virus at the moment) which was powerful enough to keep me away from my PC for several days. I didn’t even turn it on, let alone do any work! The last time I went for three or more days without touching a PC was probably back in the late ’90s!

So anyway: GREAT NEWS!

Angela Merkel’s would be successor – colloquially known as “AKK” has stepped away from her (perversely corrupted) party and withdrawn from the race.

That much you’ve probably already heard, and I’m sure you realise that it is causing a nasty upset for Merkel. But do you really understand the causes? Do you understand the implications?

I do.

If you’d like to know what Bit Brain knows, then read on.

This is not new news

I’ve dealt with this topic before, in fact I wrote a brilliant series about it. Part III of that series (called “Decentralised Victories”) is most relevant to this post. I strongly suggest that you read it, since it explains the detail behind much of what I discuss here today – and also because it’s a damn good series!

The breakup of the EU is something I’ve glossed over before, and something which I believe will surely come about – to a greater or lesser degree. The departure of the UK is already a very powerful indicator that this will not only happen, but that it is already taking place!

This is because (as I explain in “Decentralised Victories”) people are absolutely fed up with being treated like slaves by their socialist governments (who parade around behind a democratic facade). It is because there is a strong and growing groundswell of opposition against rampant government tyranny in the Western Hemisphere. Germany is a prime example of a country being screwed over by its socialist, tyrannical, liberal and self-serving politicians.

It is significant that the UK, having just managed to execute the important part of its “Brexit”, is already clamping down on its ridiculously lax immigration policies.

Now before you cry “Bigot!” or “Fascist!” – you’re still free to do so if you’re a narrow-minded miserable person, just as you’re still free to go take a long walk on a short pier – remember that this is a blog for intelligent people. We don’t deal in petty issues and party politics here – we deal in the big ideas that underlie society. The UK kicking against liberal policies is an indication that crucial balance is being restored. The pendulum swung too far to the left, now it needs to swing towards the right so that it may be re-centred.

Remember that human beings are tribal by design. Our history is one of living in small homogeneous groups. Small homogeneous groups are strong groups! That’s why nation-states (states formed mainly by people of one predominant culture) are usually far stronger and less problematic than their multicultural counterparts. The prevailing view that we are one, big, global multicultural society of vastly different people who all get along is as false as it is unnatural. No – you don’t have to hate everyone who looks or sounds different to you, but it’s also perfectly normal to regard them as different to yourself and to be a little suspicious of them. We call that “being human”. Contrary to popular liberal beliefs, that isn’t a crime – as long as you don’t get carried away with your tribalism.

So as the UK starts to rediscover and cultivate its almost-lost national pride and identity (latent issues with Scotland and Ireland notwithstanding), we can expect to see the residents of other European nations becoming envious and attempting to follow suit.

And so it shall be that we will get to see more victories over leftist tyrants – more failures of the governing ruling class of globalists – the Merkels of this world. Leftists are socialist scum and it is high time that they were toppled from their pedestals of power. Armed with their sickening Politically Correct rhetoric, they believe themselves to be the sole determinators of right and wrong. They use their false “enlightenment” as a shield to protect them from true enlightenment – not to mention reality! There is nothing as perverse as someone trying to force their liberty-removing world view onto others, a view filled with restrictions and laws. A view policed and safeguarded by Orwellian centralised authorities who tell citizens what they can or can not do – “you may not show this symbol”, “you may not say this word” etc. People like that don’t give a damn about your liberty, they seek only to impose their twisted way of thinking upon you. They are textbook sociopaths.

Sociopaths are the way of the Old World Order, the one which is still in power, but which is starting to fade (finally!) It is FANTASTIC to see Merkel’s CDU, the party which has dominated German politics for the last 70 years – ripping itself apart from the inside. It is great to see AKK leave it. It is great to see it suffering with its approval ratings. It is great to see Friedrich Metz – Merkel’s old conservative rival – gaining popularity within the party. This is all highly beneficial in terms of restoring the balance – and ultimately in terms of seriously reducing the power of politicians – thereby restoring power into the rightful hands of the people and enabling them to regain their liberty.

The timing of cryptocurrencies could not be better. A rapidly maturing Bitcoin stands ready to step-up and take over the roles of both medium of exchange and store of value. Perhaps unit of account will come later, for now, it can wait.

I have no doubt that cryptocurrencies will hasten the demise of leftist tyrants and their oppressive socialist regimes – and I look forward to it. Politicians and their banker puppeteers have benefited from the toils of our labours for far too long – siphoning our very quality of life from us. I swear that I would prefer an obvious tyrant like Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin or one of the Kim Jong’s as a political leader, at least the greater public knows what they are and doesn’t (generally) fall for their lies!

Further developments

As leftist parties start breaking down – I am even seeing change happen in my own country and state. Our socialist ruling parties (whom I have been fighting tooth-and-claw for years) are gradually imploding under the weight of their own unsustainable socialism and thieving corruption. I could not be happier to see this at last, even if it is too little, too late.

It’s also significant to see younger and younger faces appear on the political stage of the world. Look at the leaders of New Zealand, Canada, France. Look in the United States at the likes of Buttigieg or Gabbard. This is because the public know all too well that the Baby Boomers (who deserve much of the ridicule they attract) are the custodians of most of the evil systems that run the world of today.

The USA is another great example of the decentralisation groundswell. As I explained in the original Decentralised Victories series, the groundswell already brought the egomaniacal orange twit into power – which may not sound like a victory – but it is when you compare it to the alternative: a victory by Hillary Clinton – possibly the closest thing to a living demon currently walking the earth.

With the front-runners of the Democrat Party primaries all being either fairly socialist (Buttigieg), radically socialist (Sanders and Warren) or evil demons as bad as Clinton (Biden); the Republicans and their funny orange guy are already assured of another victory – not because there is anything great about their clown of a candidate, but just because he isn’t a traditional part of the centralised and socialist axis of evil.

He won’t win because he is Trump, he will win again because of who he is NOT!

As a side note: it’s a great pity that Gabbard is not more popular. I am watching her with keen interest because she is either a VERY good faker, or she is one of the incredibly few politicians whom I actually like and respect because they serve the public instead of themselves. I suspect that she may be the real deal. Cheer up Tulsi, you’re still young, maybe next time you’ll win (if you can stay off Hillary’s hit list for that long). #ClintonBodyCount


Decentralised Victories are starting to pick up the pace. It’s still early days, but expect to see many more of them, especially with cryptocurrencies now aiding us in the fight for liberty.

Use your crypto, promote it, learn about it, teach about it. It’s not only a wonderful store of value in troubled times (compared to fiat – which is surely doomed), but also the means to our salvation by allowing us to take thieving governments and their taxes out of the wealth loop.

Economic unrest is coming: us crypto-anarchists have been saying it for years, now even mainstream economists can’t ignore it. Central Banks have been repatriating and stocking up on gold like never before – THEY ARE EXPECTING BIG TROUBLE! Bitcoin is credible and is becoming universally valued. We are going to see an EPIC bull market for crypto soon! Political unrest is certainly coming too, and that’s the part I’m really going to enjoy watching – and hopefully participating in.

The Decentralised Victories will keep coming – and I couldn’t be happier! Angela Merkels’s tears of sadness are my tears of joy.

Yours in crypto

Bit Brain

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