Decentralised Victories – Part 3

This article builds on what I have already said in Decentralised Victories – Part 1 and Decentralised Victories – Part 2.

Part 1 dealt with the problem of Power, Part 2 dealt with Money. Those were the problems; today we look at the solutions.

Effects of the Money and Power problem

Aren’t you sick of never having enough money?

Aren’t you sick of watching your money depreciate due to infaltion?

Aren’t you sick of paying towards government programmes that you don’t support?

Aren’t you sick of politicians being all talk and no action?

Aren’t you sick of empty promises? Lies? Blatant electioneering – spending more effort on winning votes than on serving the community?

I am.

I’m pretty sure that you are too.

Guess what? We’re not the only ones…

Help is on it’s way!

Like most cryptocurrency investors, I was initially attracted to crypto by the prospect of possible financial gain. I’m still in crypto for the financial gain, but I’ve learnt so much since I first started, that financial gain is no longer the most important part of crypto to me.

At this point I could turn this into a “Why crypto will replace fiat (and possibly governments)” post, but let’s face it, that’s been done before, including by me. If you need to see that information, you can find it in this link (which I also shared in Part 1): Very short version: crypto has all the necessary tools that it needs to completely replace fiat money. In doing so it will enable a system of far fairer wealth creation and will collapse the fiat money house of cards, along with the structures build on top of it – including existing political systems.

Without getting too caught up in crypto, let us instead look at the crux of the matter – let us look at the Decentralised Victories themselves – and what they mean!

Decentralised Victories

Why did Donald Trump win the US election?

How is it that an obnoxious, egomaniacal, deluded, orange moron came to be the most powerful man in the world? (I could have thrown many more adjectives into that sentence had I chosen to! ?) Was it his charisma? Was is that he is a Republican? His track record in business? His anti-immigration stance? Was it a Russian conspiracy? Trickery with the Electoral College? Voting Fraud?

No. It was inevitable.

Trump didn’t win because he was Trump.

Trump won because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton!

For all his (many) faults, there is one thing that Trump is not, he is not a politician. Clinton is a politician through and through. She’s cut from the same cloth as Obama before her, Bush before him, Clinton (male) before him – and so on and so forth. For too long the world has been ruled by weak, miserable little tyrants: selfish megalomaniacs who think nothing of trampling the rights of everyday citizens in order to make themselves look good. The world doesn’t want any more LBJs or Nixons, men who will (and literally did) happily sacrifice their own countrymen just to gain a few more points in popularity polls. Sadly the days of Thomas Jefferson quality leadership are long behind us. Selfless modern day politicians such as former Uruguayan president José Mujica are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Trump won because the voters could see that he was not Clinton. He may have been speaking rubbish, but he wasn’t purposefully lying to the masses. He wasn’t trying to cover up his involvement in international scandals or to destroy any embarrassing electronic evidence of his misdeeds. Trump won because the citizens of the US have had enough of being lied to, taken for granted, manipulated and abused by their so-called “leaders”. It doesn’t even matter that he didn’t get the popular vote: had Trump lost the election, then the voters would only have been even more keen to get the current line of snake-like politicians out of power. If Trump hadn’t won now, then he or the next Trump-like character would certainly have won at the next available opportunity.

The fact that Trump did win shows just how bad things have already become. It shows how desperate people are to rid themselves of tyranny. We are tired of being told what we may and may not do to the n-th degree and beyond. We are tired of having out liberties strangled. We are tired of the twisted politically correct mindset of liberals that has aligned itself with the current political system. We don’t like it when the British historical society calls ships “it” instead of “she” for fear of upsetting the easily offended. We don’t like having to learn the names and associated pronouns of new imaginary genders. We don’t like the unnatural situation in which we find ourselves: ruled over by a minority of small-minded maniacs.

For this reason there is a growing groundswell of open revolt running through Western Society. There is already a substantial anti-culture kicking back against the tyranny. It’s getting stronger week by week, and that’s a great thing!

Do you want to know why crypto is proving to be more than just a whitepaper or a few lines of code shared within the geek community? It’s because people have realise that crypto is a way to fight back. It’s been picked up by the groundswell and is being carried forward as the tool by which we may disarm the current system.

But crypto and crypto alone can’t topple governments and change the world. In order to do that, we need millions of people change their beliefs.

Crypto is not changing people’s beliefs. Instead, the fact that people’s beliefs are changing is driving crypto adoption. What’s more, as seen in the Trump example above, this is not the only place that these beliefs are becoming apparent! The victory of Trump, the adoption of crypto – we are witnessing the first Decentralised Victories! What an exciting time to be alive!

Another example:

80 years ago a small island nation engaged the mightiest fighting force on the planet. It was hopelessly under-prepared, out-gunned and out-positioned – but it went to war nonetheless. It is no coincidence that the evil force which it was destined to battle had been allowed to grow especially mighty. That was largely thanks to hopeless politicians, much as we have today. At the time, that little island nation (known as Britain) was under the leadership of Neville Chamberlain, a man who bent over backwards to accommodate the manic Adolf Hitler and who allowed him to set the stage for the greatest single conflict and loss of life in the history of mankind. These days “Chamberlains” are the norm, setting us up for failure all over the globe.

It took the proper leadership of Winston Churchill to save the day. It’s ironic that Churchill shared a few of Trump’s traits: he was crass, direct and objectionable. He thought nothing of being controversial and of insulting people. He was also the leader that Britain needed at the time. Fortunately (unlike his modern orange counterpart), Churchill was no fool. Under Churchill the British Isles mobilised in a massive attempt to counter the German invasion of Europe. The British fought fiercely, putting up major resistance and proving to be a real thorn in Hitler’s side. However, despite their best efforts, it is likely that they too would eventually have been overrun had Roosevelt not finally brought his “nation of weaklings and playboys who hire British or Russian, or Chinese soldiers, to do our fighting for us” into the fray. Had he done so sooner then many lives could have been saved, indeed it was only after Japan attacked the US that they finally declared war. Nevertheless, they did get involved and the US military played a major part in saving the world from Hitler. (Though one might argue that it now lies in the hands of other, less obvious tyrants.) Why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because 80 years ago a small island nation stood up to oppose tyranny, knowing full well that the odds were not on it’s side. It was a brave nation and a fearless nation. It was fiercely independent and very proud of it’s heritage. That nation had a history of mighty feats of war and was once the premier global power. Much of that nation’s success was, and still is, due to the attitude of its people: Indomitable, brave and not afraid to go against the flow.

Fast forward a few decades: Britain is part of the EU. It’s navy, while still impressive compared to some, lies in tatters. It is this navy which once enabled it to become a global power. Britain’s independence is essentially lost: it makes trade deals as part of a collective, it agrees to the laws of a collective, it relies on (hopelessly inadequate) regional mutual defence policies to keep it safe. National pride is largely gone. It’s youth are often degenerates with no idea as to what their true heritage means.

And then the groundswell hit…

And suddenly dissension became apparent. At first it got labelled as “right-wing” or “lunatic fringe”, but as time went by the movement picked up speed and it picked up supporters. Eventually enough of the Brits realised that they were losing the very essence of what made them British and they called for a vote to rectify that. The result of that vote was that they decided to leave the EU. Being against leaving the EU, their prime minister resigned, leaving incoming prime minister Teresa May to oversee the exit of Britain from the EU – a process which came to be known as Brexit.

May failed to execute her duties.

Clearly attempting to stall the process and reverse the decision, May has since placed a series of unacceptable exit proposals in front of parliament. She has made no secret of the fact that she is anti-Brexit. Eventually, May even missed the (now extended) departure deadline – effectively sealing her fate. The British population has had enough of being messed around. While many Brits were initially horrified by the idea of leaving the EU, they have since seen May’s failure to carry out the will of the people in a democratic society, with the result that Brits are suddenly flocking towards those who are championing an exit from the EU as soon as possible.

For decades the little nation that once ruled the waves of the world, the nation that stood up to Hitler all on it’s own, has been led to believe that it needs the EU to survive and to prosper. This is a blatant lie: under the EU Britain has grown increasingly weak and has lost its once proud national identity. The British public have forgotten what they are capable of doing on their own. They have forgotten the need to protect their own borders and have (again) forgotten the importance of maintaining a credible defence force.

It is into this arena that Nigel Farage stepped and became the de facto face of Brexit. Initially he was seen as a renegade and wasn’t taken seriously. But now, thanks to the failures of May, he is suddenly being taken very seriously and support for his “Brexit party” (only registered this February) has ballooned. Thanks to the EU elections last week, it is now the single biggest party represented in the EU parliament!

It doesn’t matter that Farage is the party leader. It doesn’t matter that May has now resigned. What matters is that the British public grew tired of the status quo. They fought back against the current group of tyrants by throwing their support behind their own “Trump” (or “Churchill” if you prefer). They have picked the guy who does not act like a typical politician as their leader. They are taking back their identity and their pride by throwing off the chains of centralisation and are fighting to regain their independence.

Mark my words Bit Brainians: the departure of Britain from the EU is only the beginning! More countries will surely follow! As this well-written zerohedge article so nicely states:

From this point of view, the European Union is a cartel of governments eager to resuscitate imperial ambitions foreign to the conditions of the rise of our civilization. Its authoritarian projects of political, regulatory and fiscal standardization are betrayals of the spirit of innovation that requires the highest degree of decentralization and possible institutional competition

Series Conclusion

I know that at this stage many will not be ready to accept what I have written here. I know that the propaganda of party politics and representative democracies is so ingrained in the minds of many that they can’t see beyond the limits of that mindset. That’s okay! The Groundswell already is in motion!Two very large and significant democracies have recently shown that they are no longer content to suffer under the tyranny of the systems which we were raised under. Farage has shown how a party can go from nothing to totally dominant within three months! (That YouTube clip is worth watching, especially the pouting bottom lip of the obviously liberal reporter who clearly hates Farage!)

It doesn’t matter who the people rally behind to break free from the current systems, what matters is that they are rallying! We will still see monumental changes within our lifetimes, including the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and other tools of liberation.

I not an optimist, but I do have great hope for the future, hope based on our recent Decentralised Victories!

Yours in Money and Power Decentralised Victory

Bit Brain

“The secret to success: find out where people are going and get there first” 

~ Mark Twain

“Crypto does not require institutional investment to succeed; institutions require crypto investments to remain successful” 

~ Bit Brain

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