List of Top 2019 Coins so far

This is not a “buy now” list. It’s not a “best performers” list. It’s not a list of coins that will do well for the rest of the year or a list of my favourite projects. It’s something like a combination of all of those.

What I did for this post was to look at the coins that have performed the best in 2019 – from 1 January to date. The market has generally been bullish and most coins have climbed during that time. As a reference: BTC is up 44.22%. For this list I chose coins which are up 100% or more; i.e. coins which have already doubled in dollar value (basically outperforming BTC by a factor of more than 2.) Remember: with alts it’s not dollar value that counts, it’s all about outperforming BTC! Otherwise why are you taking the risk of holding a riskier lower market cap coin? 

I only chose from the top 300 coins by market cap. This is because smaller cap coins are more volatile and it is easier for them to post greater gains. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of greater risk. For this post I want to try to find coins which have been succeeding, and which may well continue to succeed in 2019, without big risk. This doesn’t mean that small cap coins are bad (I love them!) just that I won’t be recommending any of them today.

This is a subjective list. Many other coins have gained 100% or more and are in the Top 300 by market cap, but I won’t be mentioning them here. That’s because either I haven’t heard about them, or I have heard of them, but don’t like them. I’m not trying to be unfair to those coins, but if I haven’t heard of the coin before, it’s probably not making big waves in crypto and probably isn’t going to sustain its good performance. As for those I don’t like: well if I don’t like a coin, then I have a good reason for it.

What looks good?

Below is the list of coins. Each coin is followed by its percentage gain for 2019 so far.

KuCoin Shares – 100% 

My favourite exchange that isn’t named “Binance” is sitting exactly on 100%. I have huge hopes for this exchange in the bull market. Once other people realise just how good it is, I really expect it to soar (as it has once before). I expect the best exchanges to do very well in the coming bull run. (Monaco) – 110%

Let me be clear: I’m still a big TenX supporter because I think TenX has a better long-term plan than Monaco. But Monaco did beat them to market (sort of – TenX history is complex) and they have been outperforming them. Monaco should continue to do very well. Yes, I know it’s no longer called Monaco, but I still call it that. Deal with it.

Huobi Token – 114%

I’m not a big Huobi fan and I don’t think that Huobi is nearly as good as KuCoin. But it is a popular exchange and it has a well-established token which is performing impressively. As I said for KuCoin: I expect exchanges to profit from the bull run. That most certainly includes Huobi.

Waltonchain – 116%

I’m a little hesitant to include Walton here, but I’ve decided to give a few coins the benefit of the doubt today. I’m sceptical of Walton because most of its gains have been very recent, which raises the question as to whether it can continue to perform well or not. Decide for yourself:


Litecoin – 139%

Litecoin has surprised me this year. I’m probably not the only one who feels that way. “Digital Silver” has done a great job of clawing its way back to relevance. It has a solid reputation that spans many years, listings on most major exchanges, the guidance of Charlie Lee – and now performance too. It’s hard to tell how high it will climb due to its relatively high market cap, but for now it’s showing no sign of stopping. Just remember to sell at the right time: “Litecoin: where should you sell?”

Tezos – 156%

Like Waltonchain, Tezos is a bit of a late climber. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the Tezos idea and I doubt its ability to succeed. Nevertheless; it’s ranked #15 on CMC and it wouldn’t be there if many other people didn’t believe in it.

Augur – 180%

I sold my Augur a long time ago – quite possibly a big mistake. I think the idea is ahead of its time, but holds great promise for the patient investor. Quite possibly one of the most underrated cryptos out there, it’s climbing very strongly and steadily. This is just the kind of chart I want to see when I am looking for a good investment:


Holo – 188%

Holochain is a very daring and very promising crypto technology. The chart doesn’t look fantastic right now, it really doesn’t, but I believe this is a consolidation period for Holo after the hype period at the start of this year. If you keep your ear to the ground then you should hear a lot of excitement in the growing Holo community. I think this coin is taking a rest before it puts its sprinting spikes on. I’m going to buy more of it soon: watch me!

FirstBlood – 206%

Surprised to see FirstBlood here? Me too. My readers will know that I’m really bullish on gaming coins, so I’ve been keeping an eye on FirstBlood for a long time. However, I had already written it off as a non-starter and I haven’t been paying attention to it lately. It’s hard to tell how much growth potential it has because the price increase has been mainly in the last month. If the community supporting it is large enough, then growth is practically unlimited in potential. I honestly don’t know how strong the FirstBlood community is right now, I need to take another look at this coin.

Everex – 216%

The Everex chart tells a tale of slow steady growth, followed by a massive jump upwards. I prefer a steady climb like Augur has, but a jump could be interpreted as some long-overdue credit for a very good coin. 216% is difficult to argue against. The jump came from institutional and regulatory success, with Everex now able to really do what it was designed to do: turn fiat into crypto. For this reason I foresee continued growth.

Basic Attention Token – 218%

BAT has enjoyed resounding success in 2019. It has that beautiful steady climb that I look for and the community seems to love it. I hear about BAT all the time now, especially in association with the privacy-focussed Brave browser. Is it all hype? Hard to say. The curve seems sustainable and it doesn’t have the volatility that hype usually has. Chain Token – 243%

Well will you look at this, the little brother token made the list too! This is the utility token of the chain. Like BAT it’s difficult to separate hype from true growth, but so far it’s managed to hold the gains it’s made for well over a month already.


Binance Coin – 281%

You had to have been waiting to see this name here! Need I say more? Everyone knows Binance by now. Everyone knows why this coin will keep growing. If you’re one of the three people left on Earth who doesn’t know, then read a few of my older blog posts.

Enjin coin – 326%

Before February 2019 this coin went unnoticed. I spoke about it many times, but my message fell on deaf ears. Now suddenly Enjin demands respect – and it’s getting it! Like Holo, I think that Enjin is taking a deep breath and going through a stretching routine before it gets ready to showcase its real ability. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this multi-dimensional coin has so many ways in which it can succeed!

Ravencoin – 335%

Again – not a big fan of this one. But at least I’ve heard of it and it has been getting a lot of attention lately. I doubt it will succeed, and after a cursory initial assessment, I’ve never given it a second look. While I trust my first instincts, I may have been hasty. I most definitely have not researched the coin properly, so there is a large margin for error in my assessment. The coin has managed to hold onto most of its initial 2019 gains – which is why I’ve included it on this list.

Transparency section

I hold the following coins from the list above:

  • KuCoin Shares
  • Waltonchain
  • Holo
  • Everex
  • Binance Coin
  • Enjin Coin

Use that information as you see fit. Personally I’m kicking myself for ever having sold my BAT and Augur. I’ll be buying Holo next month and I’m going to give FirstBlood another look, perhaps Monaco too.

Yours in crypto

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