Open Letter to #WallStreetBets (from a friend)

Dear #WallStreetBets

Thank You and Well Done!

While the charts may no longer be moving in your favour, and it still remains to be seen what happens next, what you have done has changed the investing landscape forever. The actions of your group will go down in history. For that, we all owe you a debt of gratitude!

If I’d had the money, I may have joined you. Sadly I don’t because, you know… Wall Street. That’s why I’m writing this letter today.

Not to take any credit away from each and every one of you, but the coming downfall of the current economic structure has been evident for some time. As most of you are no doubt aware: the major markets of the world are completely dominated and manipulated by an excessively powerful cabal of big money and political power. Big money funds the politicians, and the politicians regulate in favour of big money, quid pro quo. The mass media lackeys cover everything with a pro-crony-capitalism slant, and the world goes on as before – with inequality pushing ever-increasing levels.

People are suffering. This has to stop.

I would like to see the fuse which you have lit continue to burn. I would like that fuse to burn up to the point where it reaches the base of the economic house-of-cards and, “KABOOM!”, razes it to the ground. I believe that in order for this to happen, we should combine forces.

As much as I respect what you’ve done, I do fear that you are doomed to fail in the long-run. I think that deep down inside, you suspect this too. The way I see it, you’re trying to beat Wall Street at its own game. You scored a goal, that much is evident, but will you win the match?

Even if you score an outright win with GameStop and the stock rises to $5000, that’s just one little gear in a great big machine. That gear will make a difference, but that outright win scenario is – in fairness – unlikely to happen, and in reality, unlikely to make a long-term difference.

As is becoming evident to you, if they start losing the game, they have the power to change the rules. They can immediately regulate against you (as they did in this case) and force you out of the game for as long as it takes for them to regain control. Their tools are myriad, their power and influence are unlimited. You can score victories in a few battles, but the war belongs to them. I say this with sincerity, certainty and more than just a little sadness: they WILL beat you at their game!

So I propose an alternative: stop playing their game. You can’t win when the playing field is slanted, so why not play on a level playing field instead?

We have such a field now, still small compared to Wall Street, but maturing nicely. We have trading tools, we have a far less regulated environment. We control this playing field.

I am (of course) referring to the cryptocurrency community.

No, we are not a scam. We are not a ponzi. We are not a bubble. We are not trying to conduct drug deals, finance terrorism or sell guns. We are not trying to do any of the things which the mass media always attempts to dirty our name with.

What we are doing is creating the world’s first truly free market, the first case of capitalism which is not crony-capitalism. And we would love your assitance!

We offer not stocks, but rather an entirely new economic system, the logical successor to fiat-based assets. Importantly, we offer it in DECENTRALIZED form. We offer speed, unmatched security, cheap transactions (most of the time), unregulated trading (if you know where to look), anonymity, verifiability, massive amounts of trading volatility, genuine scarcity, deflationary assets and an already strong community with values close to your own.

Sure, we also have our lemons. We DO have rubbish little projects which are just trying to take a chance and enrich themselves. We DO have tribalist investors who do everything to pump specific coins in a subjective manner and we DO have those who would also seek to take advantage of others. We aren’t perfect.

But we also have a well-informed core of powerful, intelligent and dedicated anti-establishment personalities, a great number of game-changing projects and, of course, Bitcoin itself – the most relevant store-of-value of the future.

We’re taking down Wall Street our way: by completely disrupting it. We’re pulling the rug out from under it, permanently. In the process we’re de-funding corrupt states, ending socialist policies and putting money back into the hands of the people to whom it belongs. Our goal is to usurp their power, money and control. Power and wealth belong in the hands of the people, not just a few megalomaniacs.

As with any investment, I strongly encourage you all to DYOR. Done properly, I don’t see how you could possibly not like what you discover. We are genuine, we are sincere, we are the future of money.

Please join us.

Hope to see you all in the crypto space soon, but whatever you decide, keep on fighting the good fight!

Thanks again!

Kindest regards

Your friend

Bit Brain

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~ Mark Twain

“Crypto does not require institutional investment to succeed; institutions require crypto investments to remain successful” 

~ Bit Brain

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