President Biden: Predictions for the next four years

As the United States of America welcomes its 46th president into office today, I’m going to make some predictions about what we can expect during his term in office.

I’m going to start off by saying that these predictions are valid whether Biden makes it to the end of his term or not, it really doesn’t matter.

Predictions list:

National debt will grow: Unpayable, unsustainable, beyond-GDP levels of debt will continue to grow, probably at an ever-increasing rate. This debt burden rests of the shoulders of every American citizen, Biden’s administration will spend money that citizens do not have – on their behalf and usually without obtaining consent.

The money supply will grow – probably at an alarming rate: One of the best ways to service debt, and also crucial to cater to the unlimited appetite for government spending.

It is also plausible that America will hit the fiscal cliff during Biden’s tenure, resulting in catastrophic runaway inflation.

Lies and lack of transparency from government: Money will be spent and you won’t be told on what. Government agencies will operate aboard, interfering in politics and the militaries of other nations – you won’t find out for many years (if not decades) to come. They won’t tell you what’s going on, whether you ask or not.

Spending – will continue unabated. Never mind the debt, never mind the money supply. Record amounts of spending will occur. That money which does not go directly towards the government machine itself, will go in two main directions…

Socialism and Crony Capitalism: the government will do JUST enough to keep people from dying of poverty. Well, just enough to keep MOST of them from dying of poverty. Some WILL succumb to hunger, the cold, cheap drugs, street violence etc.

The same government will give hundreds of millions trillions of (the taxpayer’s) dollars to the super wealthy through their companies. In turn, the rich will keep funding the politicians.

Growth of the economy: will continued to be measured by growth of over-inflated stocks and related indices. The main “production” of the USA will continue to be a measure of that which does not exist – massively manipulated derivatives markets (while real manufacturing sits outsourced in third-world and developing countries). Fake “production” will also reach unprecedented levels, which will also suddenly evaporate into thin air if the fiscal cliff is reached.

Media Freedom will regress: we’ll see a lot more censorship from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. And much of this will be justified by the citizens themselves, using examples such as “Trump was inciting violence” – a dangerous misrepresentation of the facts and a huge over-simplification of systemic societal issues. The truth is that Trump was – at best – blowing on the already lit fuse of a massive powder keg that’s been filling with black powder for decades. The point is that media will censor us at whole new levels, endorsed and supposed by a manipulated populace which believes it to be a good thing.

Who needs a freedom of speech anyway?…

Radical anti-media and anti-freedom actions will continue from government: Julian Assange will remain behind bars for the crime of spreading the truth. Ross Ulbricht will remain behind bars for the crime of running a free-market economy. Chelsea Manning will continue to be hounded by authorities for her role in the crime of telling the truth. Edward Snowden will remain a wanted man for his crime of exposing government crimes.

Dissenting voices will be silenced, some overtly like those mentioned above, many more covertly through simply never allowing them to have a functional platform from which to air their views. Other more determined folk may find that they are rapidly whisked away to somewhere “safe and secluded” BEFORE they get a chance to rise to prominence.

They are watching you know… ask Snowden.

Growing decisiveness of the population: the population will continue to be turned on itself. The media will continue to point out and amplify our differences, ensuring that cohesion is never achieved and that we continue hating and fighting with one another rather than uniting against a corrupt government – just like when the murder of George Floyd suddenly spun from an anti-government abuse issue supported by all races, into a Black Lives Matter fronted farce based solely on racial issues.

Divisiveness will be publicly derided, yet supported: Citizens who discriminate against one another based on race, gender, ethnicity, colour, creed, religion, culture etc. will be publicly (and rightfully) targeted; yet government will fall over its own feet in an effort to cater to the unreasonable and biased demands of any group which identifies itself specifically based on its common race, gender, ethnicity, colour, creed, religion, culture etc.

Basically put: acts of discrimination by individuals will be harshly and publicly prosecuted, but acts of discrimination by large groups – large enough to sway votes or physically cause the government cause for concern – will be entertained by government who will handle them with kid gloves.

We will repeatedly be told how very Black and how very Female Kamala Harris is: because – you know – no discrimination allowed – UNLESS it’s from government! Strangely, government will probably never tell us that Biden is proud to be a white man. Of course, just like Obama, Harris ISN’T black – she’s mixed race – but little things like facts never deter the government or the press. Because – you know – gotta keep playing the old divisive race card!

Americans will be told they are in “The Land of the Free”, “The Greatest Democracy on Earth” and that they enjoy the benefits of their “Capitalist Free Market Economy which supports growth” – none of which is true. Their land of the free will remain authoritarian and highly regulated, regulations will grow like never before and

Personal Freedoms will reach new lows!

I’m warning you of this right now…

The Free Market will remain a myth (see “Ross Ulbricht”), and large corporations will continue to reap ALL the rewards of the biased and regulated market. Democracy will remain something which exists only in name, the man in the street will have no input into authoritarian government actions and no say into how he may or may not live his own life. If they want you locked down – they WILL lock you down. If they want you locked up, they WILL lock you up. Again, ask Ross.

Masses of sheep will be coaxed into believing that the Sun shines out of Biden’s rear end and that he is “saving” them from any number of fake conjured fallacies or even real issues – originally created by government actions.

Dissent and splinter groups will grow: thankfully SOME people are waking to the reality of the modern world. Unfortunately many of these people are still hopelessly caught in the trap of party politics. But at least standing up to the government of the day, be it for the right or wrong reasons, is a positive start.

We will see continued and increasing efforts to oppose a government which has gone completely mad with power, be they MAGA lunatics raiding the Capitol Building or sound-minded folks peacefully (at least for now) driving the #Texit movement to make Texas an independent country.

Social ills will grow: our already sick society will get even sicker. The greed and ignorance of the wealthy elite will not change, if anything, it will have to become even worse in order to protect itself from reality and reprisal. God forbid a Kardashian ever comes face to face with the residents of a slum in Brazil, India or Zimbabwe. God forbid they ever meet little boys forced to serve as child soldiers or little girls forced to be prostitutes for the soldiers. That would really ruin the Feng Shui of the auras in their carefully balanced Chakras, and we don’t want that, now do we?

No, the real suffering will be left to the already destitute. But at least they will benefit from government socialist policies, so in reality things won’t get much worse for them (at least not in the USA), but things will get exponentially worse for the middle class – the taxpayers – who are not only footing the bill for socialism, but also for crony capitalism. Because in case you’ve been living under a rock your whole life: you should know that the rich don’t pay taxes.

The rapidly declining middle-class will see new levels of stress and hardship. This will lead to many of them slipping off into poverty themselves. We will also see horrible side effects: poorly educated children (who later turn to a life of crime), broken families, depression, suicides etc

From a psychological perspective – and this is 100% real – most people get by from day to day by ignoring reality and telling themselves lots of little lies (e.g. “I’m not at risk of dying from Covid-19”) and a few big ones (“Political party X will look after me, they’ll never let that* happen”). *[Where “that” is any horrible scenario, like those mentioned in this article, of which the person is afraid.] But there is only so far that you can go on lies before they hit a brick wall and suddenly crumble into nothing. When that happens, reality hits home HARD!

Anti-Decentraliation will continue: as cryptocurrencies grow in success and popularity, I think we will see new attempts to combat them. Character assassination through the media is failing. Regulations are failing. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are doomed from the outset (though will probably still be strongly driven for some time to come). Bitcoin may be mocked up to and including at presidential level – as we saw with Trump.

Fiscal and Monetary policy will continue to blur the lines between themselves. As both inexorably fail, their tainted and corrupt relationship will become ever more apparent. The faux independence of the Fed will be laid bare for all to see. Most importantly, the ability to manipulate a currency and economy indefinitely through such policies will be proven false (again). Whether the fiscal cliff is reached or not, the writing should at the very least be on the wall by the time that Creepy Uncle Joe ends his term.

The dollar index will decline: panic buyig will drive it up again during times of FUD, that much goes without saying, but the overall trend will be a continued decline in the US Dollar Index. Much of this will also be driven by a move towards using other currencies as reserve currencies, especially from non-NATO countries. Major players like India, China, Russia and even Brazil can be expected to look for alternatives to USD (as they already do), which will lead to…

USD further losing its status as both the Global Reserve Currency and International Means of Exchange/Debt Denomination.
Wave goodbye to demand for USD.
Open your arms and welcome hyperinflation…

China is the enemy: will remain a common theme. If in doubt blame “China”.

I hope they give an Oscar to China for “Best portrayal of a Cold War-style scapegoat during the modern era”. I think Russia is tired of shouldering the blame for all the USA’s ills now, time to give someone else a turn.

Go Green! The green revolution will continue. This is not nearly as good as it seems, especially not when examining the motives.

I covered this topic in depth in “When Children Cry” – which is a bloody excellent article, if I do say so myself.


It is significant that these predictions not only state things which will continue, but that the majority of these things (whether I remembered to implicitly state it earlier or not) are degenerative and are reaching new highs (or perhaps “new lows” is the better term?)

This list is not all encompassing, I’m sure I’ve missed a good few important sub-topics, but by now you get the gist of it. Know this: that which I have written is not wrong. It’s not made up nonsense. It is the logical conclusion of that which I have been carefully observing for many years. And unlike most analysts or social media hooligans, I’m actually genuinely intelligent and well-informed. So my opinion counts more than that of others, whether you like it or not.

If you’re reading this article and cheering while waving your MAGA hat and shouting “Whooo! Trump!” then you’ve completely missed the point. What I have mentioned here ALWAYS happens, no matter who is in power (obvious specific exceptions such as the Harris example notwithstanding.)

These things happened during the time of Trump,

and Obama,

and Bush,
and Clinton (thankfully just one of them!),
and Bush Sr (not so lucky with them),
and Reagan,
and Carter,
and Ford, (he wasn’t so bad – probably because he wasn’t elected into office via the once great and now utterly perverted Electoral College system),
and Nixon (possibly the worst president in US history – if not in world history),
and LBJ (the other contender for “worst president in history”),
and then a few half decent fellows (which tends to happen after a period of major conflict – weak men make bad times, bad times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men…),
and then a rotten swine who first literally robbed his citizens of all their gold to pay for the last major government monetary collapse, and then refused to fight Nazi fascists until Axis powers literally brought the fight to his country.
etc etc.

You have to go back a long way before you find the actual good guys who were trying to build a better country for the common man!

Remember that no matter who you vote for, you are playing a zero-sum game of manipulation. You’re playing into a media-hyped delusion which pits you against your neighbour on ideological grounds. You’re being conned into supporting someone who allegedly represents you, while in reality being nothing like you and not giving a damn about you or your concerns!


Every vote makes you poorer. Every vote widens the wealth gap and the power gap.

And until you understand that, you will remain a slave of the corrupt.

We have alternatives now: e-democracies and blockchains. USE THEM! (preferably together.) Learn about them! Fight for them! Teach others about them!

We are the only ones who can free us from government tyranny, nobody is going to do it for us.

Yours in crypto

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