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The crypto space is equal parts fascinating and challenging. Obviously, the fascination stems from the profound social, political, economic, and financial implications of blockchain. Whether it takes 10 years or 100 – systemic change is in the air – global models are ‘up for discussion’.

However, even if your interest in crypto stretches no further than your wallet – with many thousands of projects in the mix, getting ‘a grip’ on the market is a substantial challenge. An article here or there just isn’t enough to stay reasonably up to date and informed.

I have found podcasts to be a great means of expanding my knowledge of crypto in both a time-efficient and engaging manner. By listening to a range of crypto-related podcasts during ‘down-time’, I’m able to consistently top up my level of understanding of a wide array of blockchain developments and narratives.

By down-time I mean whenever I’m in the car, at the gym or jogging and so on – I put on a podcast. Not only does this add up to multiple hours of crypto engagement, the format itself has certain advantages over a typical article or YouTube video. Many of the podcasts are well over an hour in length and therefore, potentially deliver an in-depth examination of some facet of crypto. In addition, listening to a venture capitalist explain his or her interest in crypto is quite different from reading a second-hand report about that VC. You get a real feel for their expertise, commitment, and vision.

In the past few days here are just a selection of what I picked up while listening to podcasts:

  • A concise explanation of zero-knowledge proofs.
  • A succinct discussion of the ‘blockchain trilemma’ and why enterprise-level companies cannot yet ‘adopt’ crypto.
  • An explanation of Algorand.
  • De-minimis and crypto.
  • Why the SEC (in all likelihood) targeted KIK.
  • What a Well’s Response is.
  • Why creating a new US regulatory body for crypto would not, in fact, improve the regulatory landscape.
  • Assessing project health through an analysis of developer activity and how to do so.

What follows is a curated list of podcasts I have found to be of consistently high-quality:

Off the Chain

Titans of the industry, lead developers, venture capitalists – and more. If you only listen to one podcast – this is the one that offers the most return on time invested.


In a similar vein, this podcast interviews the leaders of the crypto industry with the host offering well-crafted questions to get the most from those interviewed.


A shorter more news-focused format by the same host as Unchained (Lisa Shin). Once again, a who’s who of the crypto industry and beyond.

What Bitcoin Did

A Bitcoin focused podcast that’s not afraid to peer behind the curtain. Essential listening for anyone interested in the understanding the past, present and likely future of Bitcoin.

Stephan Livera Podcast

Another Bitcoin focused podcast with a knowledgable host and engaging guests.

Two Minute Crypto

My own offering – short/single topic, hype-free musings on the crypto space.

Of course, there are many more good quality crypto-focused podcasts. These are just the ones that have caught my attention. If you have any suggestions for reliably informative crypto podcasts please leave them in the comments.

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