I’m About to Change Your Perspective on the Current State of the Crypto Market

While playing around with Messari for its very useful ‘real volume’ data. I came across an update on using the website by CryptoBobby. I highly recommend you check out that video as it takes you through many of the great trading/investment features of Messari.

Enabling a number of those features is very revealing.

These are:

Time since Low / % Up Since Low / Year to Date (USD) %

So lets take a few standout examples:

Time Since Low4 months4 months4 months
% Up Since Low177%148%302%
Year to Date (USD) %67.4%65.18%180.79%

Now, no doubt EOS (54%) and Cardano (78%) are still well off their BTC all-time highs. I look at this as room to run. Binance meanwhile is in and around new BTC highs.

Is the bottom in for these coins? – Yes, yes I think it is.

There’s significant potential for pullbacks, of course but dollar cost averaging into these coins could pay very handsomely.

I’ve reached my position target for EOS. 90% there for Cardano but I’m looking to build my BNB position. As usual I remain a weekly buyer of BTC.

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