Two Minute Crypto- Where’s Ma Sick Gainz?

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Where’s Ma Sick Gainz?

Welcome to Two Minute Crypto, today’s episode addresses the financial elephant in the crypto room – gains. Let’s be blunt – 90% of people who first come to crypto do so because of the lure of monetary gain. Sure, some folks find their way to the space because of a prior interest in Libertarianism, financial systems, tech or the nebulas intersection of all three. This path, however, is the exception to the ‘looking for sick gainz’ entry point.

Blockchain has become popular precisely because it has been proven to offer spectacular returns on investment over time or more accurately investment in Bitcoin has offered stupendous returns over the long-term. Year after year it has printed higher highs and higher lows. A popular meme for BTC is ‘Number go up.’ Number go up is powerful juju. Naturally, investors have been attracted by the allure of huge gains.

Those profits remain a possibility but anyone who has spent more than a few months engaged with crypto can attest to the very real downsides that prevail throughout the crypto market. If your approach to the space is to seek out hidden gems and the like, in truth, you are much more likely to lose money than make it. Unfortunately, far too many investors glance at the current price of Bitcoin and come to the entirely mistaken conclusion that value can only be found elsewhere leading to a focus on Alts in all their shiny glory. In fact, BTC has out-performed all other cryptos through time if you measure their performance over a multi-year horizon. A belief that BTC has topped out is simply a reflection of a very surface understanding of the disruptive potential of Bitcoin.

The likelihood of losing money also applies to the large-cap projects – unless you are willing to hold for years.

And this is the key point – there are no reliably sick gainz in crypto unless you are willing to weather the storm of crypto volatility and hold for the long-term. Long term means many years – not one, two or even five but closer to a decade and beyond. This market is plagued by short-term perspectives, hyperbole, and flat-out lies. It’s all going to take time and a lot of it. Sure, you might be lucky and pick a winner that increases 800% in two weeks but you can pursue such luck just as efficiently at a casino or the racecourse. If you are serious about building wealth through crypto investing -shed the rose-tinted glasses -take your time, do your research, make your investments and let them play out for a decade or so.

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