$BAT Continues the Grind to Higher Prices

Basic Attention Token is one of the larger movers today on the surface in cryptoland. BAT is readily available to US customers as it is iOS approved and can be bought on Uphold and Coinbase. BAT is holding higher and about to make a move into highs over $0.22. I am not sure the reasoning completely behind this move, but I know the chart looks rather strong, like the product itself.

The only browser I use now is the Brave Browser. It is the BEST browser I have come across and I challenge someone to put forth a better browser than the Lion Logo Brave Browser. Look how overbought the BAT token has stayed for over 2 months? This is NOT bearish. I am expecting this token to be bought on pullbacks.

I will be starting to accumulate Brave once I am done loading my boat on EOS. (Which I am still loading up).

Brave Browser!

Use it and get familiar with it…it is not going away!

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