Bitcoin! And Here. We. Go. Long’s are bailing and Price is grinding.

You really just can’t make it up folks. This move is FAR FROM OVER. Like I said in a previous post, this may not be “THE Bottom”, but it sure is “A Bottom”. When you see price continue to grind in one direction, it usually results in a puke that way. I have been all over this move talking about it with EOS, LTC, BTC and any know crypto within the sectors, do not bail here.

Check out this break above the downtrend line. We are about to test 3 month highs and make a small higher high on the charts. What is great about this is whatnot is below. THE LONGS ARE BAILING! You really can’t make this up. Everyone who has been bullish the past 12 months are now selling out at any bounce when you should be buying. If bitcoin and crypto continues to hold some these levels (very important), the. You are going to see a crash up from this bottom.

And guess what? There is ALOT OF ROOM UP THERE…


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