The Korean exchange has been hacked for over 3million EOS and an amount I do not know of XRP (because I don’t care about XRP). This happened a little over 14 hours ago…and EOS is just not selling off.

With that said, this sell off will likely be Blamed on the hacking of BITHUMB because the media always needs a story. I am here to tell you that this is great news! Why? Well we now have a catalyst for a sell off and we can ASSESS the selloff. Does EOS hold and rip back to highs? My gut says yes!

This is where we WANT TO SEE BAD NEWS be NO NEWS and EOS continue higher. If this happens then we truly may have began another full bull market. EOS is above the 200 day, I want to see this ABSORB the selling and rip back to highs.

Stay tuned…

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