Can WLS Spike here??? 1.50 is a huge level…

WLS is on the move folks. We have broken over 1.00 WLS/BTS and are on the move towards 1.50+. This is going to be a big level and we will get a gauge of how much WLS is actually in demand. Can we push through 1.50 and stretch to 2.00? You can see the past resistance of 1.50 numerous times in the past.

I have seen a few bullish charts on WLS floating around and I know more and more people are navigating their way to the platform from other places. WLS is growing faster and faster and the engagement needs to continue! Considering the scarcity of the tokens I believe will eventually play a big role in the scene as well. Over 1.50 WLS/BTs it can run!

Let’s get this bread!

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