Does $BAT have your Attention yet?

Basic Attention Token is one of my top 5 favorite tokens in crypto. I am a huge fan of jumping on the bandwagon and “believing in successful people”. Why would you not bet on Steve Jobs? Why would you not bet on Elon Musk? Why would you not bet on Jack Dorsey? This is the same for in the crypto world.

Why would you not bet on Dan Larimer? And why would you not bet on the guy who invented JavaScript and cofounder Mozilla Firefox? Well that is the CEO of Basic Attention Token and the BRAVE Browser. I love the idea behind this and the ad blocking. If you want to get paid to watch ads, you can. If you want to not watch ads, it defaults. It’s absolutely amazing especially when comparing some of my favorite sites.

BAT has shown some increasing volume and increasing in price. Now we are falling on lower volume. This is VERY positive. I want to see this trend continue in the coming weeks. This is a top 5 favorite crypto of mine currently.

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