EOS is Pausing before the Run to $20+

EOS has had an amazing start into the first half of 2019 and I am expecting this to full fledge continue. I have been calling this from the beginning of the year in the $2 and we are going back to highs. I am watching the $6 level here and I WANT this to hold. That does not mean it has to but if it does it means we likely reach targets quicker.

We may pullback into the Mid 5’s but I do not see us going lower than this. I am looking for EOS to catch up to litecoin and be a crypto leader. 2nd in market cap behind bitcoin.

EOS is going to be one of the coins that is left standing at the end of the day. Mark my words.

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Markus Aarnio

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@peepso_user_18(Bit Brain)
Wow! that is amazingly channel-bound! Being a log chart, that is very bullish . EOS investors will do very well as long as that channel holds.
4 years ago
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