Analyzing EOS, BNB, BAT, ETH, LTC and XRP: A Closer Look

Like Bitcoin, many altcoins are looking ripe for a larger move.

EOS is peeking it’s head up and out of a wedge it’s been consolidating in these past few days.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.07.23 PM.png

Binance Coin (BNB) just broke out of the bullish, descending broadening wedge we discussed 2 days ago.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.07.53 PM.png

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is consolidating below heavy resistance and on top of an ascending line of support. It looks poised to breakout in the next few days.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.08.29 PM.png

Litecoin has been one of the most impressive coins of 2019. Last we spoke, it was finding resistance at $125. It has since broke resistance and, as discussed in the prior update, quickly rose to known resistance at $145.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.22.10 PM.png

Ethereum has broken back above the 21 day EMA, but is finding expected resistance between $160-$170.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.22.33 PM.png

Ripple (XRP) continues consolidating within a larger wedge. It also looks poised to breakout of that wedge in the next few days.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 8.24.12 PM.png

In today’s video I discuss where prices may be heading next, possible buy/sell areas to watch, traps to avoid and so much more. I hope you find it helpful.

Video Analysis:

I hope this has been helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions in the comment section below. Until next time, wishing you safe and profitable trading.


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Feature Image By: Saul Gravy

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