History Often Rhymes… $BTC #bitcoin

They say in markets that every time is different. While that is technically true, you can find major similarities and patterns in every single market. One specific market, cryptocurrencies, happen to not be completely controlled by computers and actually moves very emotional and technically (for now). I ha e utilized past patterns, measures and scales, and predictions to have predicted the last two bubbles, the percentage decline from the top and where the “bottom” or “top” may be. Have I been right every time? No, however when it comes to the declines and measured moves I have been on point. (Actual tips and bottoms are VERY hard)

So I have gone into the past looking for clues…

Below is a chart of two options of where I believe we are in “the cycle” of the last bull run. We have gotten the panic and puke and are now accumulating.

Now the question is, “is this The Bottom”? I do not believe we will know that until well into future times. But I can tell you this is a major time to buy. Bitcoin has fallen 80+% from its highs as it has done more than 6 times prior. It has also overtaken those highs on average of 10-20x the previous all time high. This is a major time to be buying. Because soon enough grasshoppers the chart above will turn into something like this when you scroll right…

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