Litecoin is Smashing Towards $100

The magnet is there now folks. The $100 magnet will commence and likely at least make someone pay this on this leg up. I have seen crazier things happen, so I would not be completely surprised if it blew right through it again. (I do not think it does on the first test).

The relative strength from LTC has been present for months and have been highlighted in multiple of my posts over the last 8 weeks. and it has proven once more, relative strength WINS AGAIN. LTC has ripped in 48 hours from 60 to 90+ up over 50%. It is up over 200% this year alone!

This is what a BOTTOM LOOKS LIKE FOLKS! Sure I expect pullbacks, grind sideways, headfakes up…but this is what a bottom looks like. Accumulation phase is heading to a close, Disbelief is in the market believing this is a “Sucker’s rally”.


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