Crypto Contest February 24: IHT Real Estate Protocol

IHT Real Estate Protocol (Bittrex: IHTBTC) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the daily chart.

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Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, I-House Token began a wave one advance on December 20, 2018. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished on January 14 this year, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended on February 20. If this wave count is correct, I-House Token should be heading next towards the January 14 peak in the red wave three.

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IHT is a smart contract technology and distributed accounting technology developed for the purpose of splitting real estate under which utilizes blockchain’s intrinsic advantages such as trustless mechanism, anti-tamper, co-supervision, traceability. Crypto News interviewed the CTO last year.

(Sources: IHT Real Estate Protocol
and YouTube

If you think this analysis is correct, upvote this post (min $0.01) and upvote the comment (min $0.01) “I-House Token will takeout the January 2019 peak”.

If you think this analysis is wrong, upvote this post (min $0.01) and upvote the comment (min $0.01) “I-House Token will drop below the December 2018 low”.

If you think I-House Token is in a range, upvote this post (min $0.01) and upvote the comment (min $0.01) “I-House Token will stay in a trading range between the December 2018 low and the January 2019 peak until March 31”.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

You can upvote the comment until 3 PM EST February 27 and you can upvote only one comment. 50% of liquid STEEM + SBD from this post will be distributed equally to the winners. The winners will be determined by the price action (which one happens first).

Bonus 1

I will be sending one Trophy Token (@trophy-token) or one Steem Monsters (@steemmonsters) card to everyone who manages to get these crypto contests right seven times in a row. If/when you accomplish this, please contact me at Steemit Chat with your BitShares address.

Bonus 2

Upvote the right comment and the main post with at least $0.10 and you will get 3 x the winning prize.

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