Crypto Contest February 7: Vertcoin

Vertcoin (Bittrex: VTCBTC) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the weekly chart.

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Elliott Wave Analysis

In Elliott Wave terms, Vertcoin began a wave one advance in November 2016. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished in October 2017, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended in December 2018. If this wave count is correct, Vertcoin should be heading next towards the October 2017 peak in the red wave three.

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Looking at the monthly chart, I believe Vertcoin is currently in the red wave three (blue sub-wave iii). The red wave three began in November 2016.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))


Vertcoin is an open and decentralized blockchain based currency focused on long term distribution of mining consensus. You can find their latest hard fork video filmed on February 1 below (click the YouTube link in the “Sources”).

(Sources: Vertcoin and YouTube)

If you think this analysis is correct, upvote this post (min $0.01) and upvote the comment (min $0.01) “Vertcoin will takeout the July 2018 peak”.

If you think this analysis is wrong, upvote this post (min $0.01) and upvote the comment (min $0.01) “Vertcoin will drop below the December 2018 low”.

If you think Vertcoin is in a range, upvote this post (min $0.01) and upvote the comment (min $0.01) “Vertcoin will stay in a trading range between the December 2018 low and the July 2018 peak until March 14”.

(Chart courtesy of (log scale))

You can upvote the comment until 3 PM EST February 10 and you can upvote only one comment. 50% of liquid STEEM + SBD from this post will be distributed equally to the winners. The winners will be determined by the price action (which one happens first).

Bonus 1

I will be sending one Trophy Token (@trophy-token) or one Steem Monsters (@steemmonsters) card to everyone who manages to get these crypto contests right seven times in a row. If/when you accomplish this, please contact me at Steemit Chat with your BitShares address.

Bonus 2

Upvote the right comment and the main post with at least $0.10 and you will get 3 x the winning prize.


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