Is Bitcoin Price Teasing Us Again?

In recent days Bitcoin has creeped up toward the top of the trading range that it’s been stuck in for many months now.

Being we saw several alts level up in the past month it is easy to get excited that maybe, just maybe bitcoin will now do the same.

Looking at the chart things are a bit quiet though with volume rather light.  It will probably take a wave of buyers to come in and push this thing, where that comes from I am not sure.

Either way price is flirting with the opening/closing price highs that we have seen twice this year.  The intraday highs take us more to toward 4,200, which is ideally where I would like to see price close above.

If it closes above there then we may be in business, so guess we will just have to wait and see.

It is atleast nice that we are in a spot where we can speculate on btc breaking higher.

Fingers crossed….

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