Litecoin Still Trading Like a Champ!

The price action of Litecoin of late has been solid.  Basically it has held the levels it needs to hold to have the full bullish designation remain intact.

Another moment of truth

Right now LTC is testing the 108 area that it breach a few days back.  After breaking though a level a successful test is actually desired and bullish.   It also makes for a more orderly move.

So that is where price is right now.  The question is will it succeed.  So far it is holding in steady but that doesn’t guarantee it will continue to do so.

The good news is this is best case scenario.  Even if LTC was to fall back below 108 I wouldn’t be sweating much.  Price could fall down to 92, let’s say and so long as it rally’s from there we will still have a higher low, which is what we want to see as price works it way higher.

Higher highs and higher lows is the name of the game.

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