BITCOIN: No more historical resistance till…

…13000 USD?

In my opinion, it is clear that there are no major news explaining clearly why the Cryptomarket is suddenly behaving so bullish.

May be the final entrance of the Financial Institutions, can be the lately announcement of Facebook and its Libra coin, which I doubt it is currently moving the strings now but for sure it is giving some FOMO out there, can be also the good news coming from Russia, see “Russian Ministry of Finance Considers Allowing Cryptocurrency Trading” or perhaps the ones coming from Bank of America’s CEO on regards or getting a “Cashless Society” or a combination of all of them…possibly the next halving of BITCOIN has more to do with the rise than any other economical new…

You know what?

I don’t care, I will continue observing the BITCOIN chart and identifying supports, resistances, patterns and EW counts and what I see today is that if BITCOIN Manages to cross the current level of prices, which is in fact a well marked resistance, there is no other historical one till 13000 USD…

Experience says that once the new is public it is just too late for entering. It is much better to follow the “Flow”, anticipate the next move and plan your entry and exit targets, no matter if you have lost the deep at 3100 USD since the projection is one order of magnitude higher…

But first things first, let’s see if BTC breaks 11400 USD now…then I will take a decision ;-).



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