TIMM Analysts Tackle Trybe’s HOT Contest

Greetings Investors,

As many of you may already be aware, TIMM is a relatively new comer to Trybe. We’ve been around a bit though, and more recently have been able to gather an incredible group of market analysts. Expect to see their presence on Trybe grow as TIMM grows.

Unlike Trybe, TIMM was not born from blockchain. In fact, the original concept was built years ago, including various market analysis articles in every sector at the time, except cryptos. But the folks we’ve attracted over the past year have been largely cryptocentric and we have folks that love the cryptospace, so it’s been a natural migration for TIMM to become more and more focused on cryptos.

As we shared recently, it’s still not our exclusive focus. But neither will we shy from the opportunity to provide outstanding insights to this incredible and growing sector. And we’re convinced that our analysts are among the best around.

So when we saw James Diegel announce the Holochain (HOT) TRYBE content Competition Contest!!, we encouraged our guys to jump on the opportunity to shed some light on this up and coming almost-blockchain crypto project. When this happens, we go into our secret Backroom of TIMM’s Trading Pits to discuss the opportunity, potential, strategy, etc. After a bit of discussion, two amazing analysts stepped forward, wanting to take a closer look at Holochain and share their insights and expertise with Trybe and TIMM readers.


The first entry from a TIMM analyst is from:

Cryptos Decrypted

Full-time cryptocurrency trader since mid-2017 and full-time day trader since 2016. Currently, hold a range of large cap cryptos and constantly updating my knowledge-base and crypto skill-set. Please note, that with crypto investments I principally focus on fundamentals and trade for long-term gains rather than daily position trading.

Holochain Examined

Holochain is an energy efficient, decentralized ledger system and application platform that utilizes peer to peer networking. Consensus is handled differently on Holochain in that every device on the network has its own secure ledger and can operate independently while also communicating with all the other devices on the network. Decentralized, distributed but not aiming for global consensus as is the model with blockchain leaders such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. Holochain allows each device to have its own chain based ledger system with the Distributed Hashing Table maintaining consensuses throughout the network. The Holochain ethos is one of empowering its users and re-distributing the power/control/incentives back to those who use the network.

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The second TIMM analyst entry is from:

Bit Brain

A walking crypto encyclopedia. Honest, Realistic, Opinionated. Futurist, Autodidact, Polymath.

Bit Brain’s not-so-little guide to Holochain

This has been an education, probably even more so for me the researcher/writer than for you the reader. I consider it to be time well spent. Remember that I’m not an old Holochain fan, I haven’t followed the project since the beginning. For that reason I may have misunderstood something, left something important out or gotten something just plain wrong. If that is the case then I apologise.

Despite the length of this article, you can see that I have left a lot of information out. You could spend hours reading up about Ceptr alone, or Junto, or Holo fuel – I leave that up to you, you have the foundation to do that now if you so wish. Overall I consider Holochain to be a crypto which has a good chance of success. Whether every facet of it will work or not, I don’t know, I told you my doubts about Junto. So far I have indeed been suitably impressed by what I’ve seen. That doesn’t mean that I’m not about to go and sell all my beloved NEO for it…

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Both analysts were incredibly thorough, but also approached it from different angles. There’s some overlap in information, of course. But Cryptos Decrypted’s tended to stick with the base facts about Holochain, with a touch of technical analysis, explaining what it is, what makes it tick and how it works. Bit Brain approached it from more of an investment perspective.

TIMM couldn’t be more pleased. By reading through both of them, the potential investor should come away with excellent insights into what the project is, outstanding advice in how one should approach investment potential and a ton of links and ideas to help spur more research for personal due diligence. Does it get better than that?

We don’t want you to miss the opportunity to soak up their insights, so make sure to set aside some time to read them both thoroughly as part of your HOT investigation. You’ll be glad you did – and hopefully more profitable. And, of course, follow them both as well as the other TIMM analysts for more outstanding trading and investing perspective.

NOTE: This should not be considered to be a contest entry.

Thanks for reading!
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