TIMM Trends – 15/2/19

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Cryptos saw a nice pop this past week. A few folks are calling the bottom. Many are urging caution. What do you think?

TIMM is always looking around for opportunities. As you may know, we’re already integrated on Steem, thanks to the outstanding work of SteemPress. SHOUTOUT!

But TIMM’s focus is not specifically on Steem. It’s on sharing investment information and promoting the efforts of our Mentors. We’re amazed at the incredible talent writing for TIMM already. All of them already have Steem accounts. But a few have Trybe accounts and have urged us to check it out more closely. So we’ve investigated the potential. And, in TIMM’s opinion (ITO), Trybe has a roadmap and structure that aligns wonderfully with our goals. So we’re investigating further and have joined the presale to pick up some TRYBE tokens. It ends tonight, in case you’re interested in participating. You can check it out here.

We’ll share more as we learn more and as technology is developed to help us add Trybe to what we do. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn into something more. We’re always looking for ways to promote our writers, reach a larger audience and incorporate as many monentization angles as possible.

Here are some highlights from the last couple of days. It’s been quite diverse this time around, which is fitting in light of Bit Brain’s article on diversification.



Unusual Options Activity In Coca-Cola – Part II

Coca Cola missed on revenue and the forecast for the year was disappointing.  Sales of sparkling soft drinks fell 1%, partly due to softness in North America and sales of juice and plant-based drinks dropped 2% as Coke focused less on low-value juice brands in Africa and Southeast Asia.

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It occurred to me that while I often speak of crypto diversification; I never speak about any other form of diversification. The fact is that there is a lot more to diversification than just crypto.

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Turns Out I was Right…Jamie Dimon and his Weasel Move

As soon as this hit the news wire I had a feeling that Dimon was attempting to pull one of his weasel banker moves that banks pull daily througout the financial markets. See this is how it works.

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Crypto Contest February 14: Stealth

In Elliott Wave terms, began a wave one advance in July 2017. The red wave one (blue sub-waves i-ii-iii-iv-v) finished in August 2017, and the red wave two (blue sub-waves a-b-c) correction ended in November 2018. If this wave count is correct…

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Play The Extremes On Oil

So the tug a war between supply and demand continues.  So where is the price of oil headed next, lets go to the charts to find out? 
Since mid-January, price has been range bound and trading within a $5 range.

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So You Bought Bitcoin at the All-Time High…

Let’s be honest you more than likely hopped on the crypto train expecting short sharp returns and now you find yourself looking at very heavy losses. It’s been a grim year for that investment and to add insult to injury everyone is more than happy to tell you that you made a clear mistake.

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BITCOIN: either a “Bull” Flag or “BART” Flag

It is true that 5 days ago I expected a continuation of the rise upwards since, in my opinion, there is one wave up pending but, it is taking so long and, despite it is still in my plan, since what I see right now is a long “Bull” flag, it is worth to say that, situations like this one we have recently lived in the near past.

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BITCOIN – Possible Flag

On 4hr chart, still consolidating within the mini channel forming a possible flag. Possible bounce on support 3500~3530 zone. As mentioned still possible for leg 2 staircase pattern to happen testing the big triangle/channel top.

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Bitcoin and EOS Technical Analysis: BREAKOUT LOOMING?

EOS has been trying to break above the $3.00 resistance. While it’s briefly penetrated by a wick, a decisive break above has been unsuccessful. Volume has been slowly rising and…

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Electronic Arts has launched the “new Fortnite” !

While it is still early days, the game has been well received by both players and popular video game influencers (ie Twitch streamers such as ‘Ninja’ and ‘Shroud’), which bodes well for the title.

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