Four Industries To Explore For Crypto Utility

The most puzzling thing about cryptocurrency as of early 2019 may just be that it’s still not widely used. The notion that it would rapidly replace standard currency was always a fantasy, but many expected that it would at least be somewhat widely used by now as an alternative. Instead, it can be somewhat difficult to find opportunities to spend cryptocurrency, if you would like to do so, unless you’re already familiar with the specific companies and markets that accept it.

Because there are still plenty of people who would like to put cryptocurrency to use however, or would at least like to have the option of doing so, we’re pointing out some of the industries that are proving to be particularly accommodating in this regard.

1. Furniture & Design

It’s unclear exactly why, but furniture and design products have been some of the most consistently available options for crypto purchases over the last few years. One reason might simply be that these are high-priced items, and mainstream cryptocurrency prices being what they are, some would rather use this currency for expensive items than, say, a morning latte or a tank of gas. That said, cryptocurrency is also useful for furniture largely because of a small group of major retailers, led by Overstock – which was described last summer has having basically become a crypto company itself. At any rate, these are some of the places where you can buy furniture and design items with cryptocurrency:

  • Overstock
  • Etsy
  • Home & Stone
  • Elite Modern Furniture
  • Luxury Living Direct

2. Travel

Travel is starting to become arguably the leading industry for bitcoin and broader cryptocurrency spending, at least as far as everyday consumer practices are concerned. A few travel booking sites got in on cryptocurrency fairly early on, and unlike other big name businesses that flirted with adoption and then backed out, they’ve stayed in the game. It’s now possible to book travel arrangements of all different sorts through a variety of online companies, some of which existed before cryptocurrency and a few of which have come about specifically to work with major cryptos:

    • Expedia
    • CheapAir
    • BTCTrip
    • Bitcoin.Travel

3. Online Gaming

Cryptocurrency has made it into online gaming in a fairly exciting variety of ways. In some cases it can be used to buy ordinary video games for console or PC play. In others, it can be used for crypto-specific arcades built for this very purpose. Perhaps most significantly though, cryptocurrency can fund online casino play. Lots of sites in the casino and betting space practice a “free bet” model by which the site will gift you with a free bet or matched currency once you deposit a certain amount, and several prominent platforms are now giving this gift in crypto form. This category ultimately ropes in quite a variety, but some platforms in conventional gaming and casino gaming alike that accept cryptocurrency include the following:

    • Microsoft
    • Games Planet
    • eosBET
    • BitCasino

4. Charity

Calling charity an “industry” is a little bit awkward, but the bottom line here is that this has been a surprisingly busy sector for cryptocurrency innovation and use. There are multiple stories out there about charities moving to accept cryptocurrency in order to meet the demands of donors who wish to use it, and in some cases – such as with donationcoin – we’ve even seen new cryptos created specifically for the purpose of giving. It’s unclear exactly why this has become something of a cryptocurrency hotspot, other than that donors may appreciate the blockchain’s ability to make the full and appropriate use of donated funds transparent. Whatever it may be, there are now dozens if not hundreds of platforms and charities accepting cryptocurrency in this space. These are just a small sample:

    • BitGive
    • The Water Project
    • Top Project
    • Red Cross


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