Garbage IPO of the Day: $APRN

Blue Apron folks. This is your garbage IPO if the day. This company went public in June and 2017 and within its first two years of trading it has lost investors…93.5% of their investment if they bought the opening print. This is a classic example of a garbage company, going public because it needed the money to stay in business. Remember folks there is one main factor that ANY company will go public.m, and that is because of the money, whether a need or a want. APRN is not trading at $0.65.

There are many IPOs that are like this and I will be showing you many of them, but dang APRN didn’t even lift its head. This turd was sold from day 1 and then when the banks started losing money they started dumping shares too.

I was actually a member once when it was new, until I got tired of cutting up my own food. I need more convenience! So I bailed. Clearly many others have too.

And to top it all off….they just did a 1 to 15 reverse split. So when this thing is trading at 9.75 tomorrow….don’t be fooled. They just diluted everyone who was already down 94%.

And they tell you not to believe in crypto and Alt coins…tell me what the difference is between APRN and some alts? Lol

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