Gartman Alert! “We are LONG of Equities…”

Hopefully this becomes a significant pattern of posts that will help everyone on fintwit, TIMM, and steem in the future. These will be known as “Gartman Alerts”

Here is the backstory…I have been following fintwit twitter for multiple years now and I honestly believe this correlation has stayed in tack for over 3 years. I beleive it work greater than 90% of the time and there are many that can vouch for this. The talking heads on TV are put on TV just to talk, they likely know less than many that just type in front of a keyboard and tweet all day. Gartman is one of them. How he still has anyone’s money left to invest is beyond me.

Here is the latest…

The responsible play here (and this is how you play this “indicator”) is to start looking for the turn. It is sure to happen within the next 72 hours.

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