Looking for the Turn… $NDX $SQQQ $SPX $DJI

Wow this market truly pushes you to the limits. After nailing the Christmas Eve bottom in the equities market I flipped back to being intermediate bearish once the DOW and SPX were hitting the 200 day and major resistance levels. The past few days and week or so are really testing the bears patience as they try and get EVERYONE BACK IN who sold off at the lows. This has been a grueling couple weeks especially after being up so much in a row. NDX is now at the 200 day and I have been timestamped bearish in the 7035 area where I have opened the short being long $SQQQ

You can see the massive V rally rip off the lows and the Train should stop here…does it? No one knows but I am not buying this here for higher prices unless I get some consolidation sideways. You can see the second arrow area is where I flipped back bearish. I am looking for a god awful close for the BULLS and I am licking my chops here.

I will see you back after the close…

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