European EV sales in May

European EV sales in May (EV-Sales)

  • After strong Tesla Model 3 sales in the first few months of 2019, as order backlogs were filled, the key question is where will steady state sales settle.
  • In an earlier Thematical we highlighted that after a peak in March, Tesla Model 3 sales in Europe started to (understandably) slow. BEV sales in Europe up 70% in April (cleantechnica)
  • We now have data for selected countries for May – here we have focused on the larger markets. In France, the total EV market grew 34% (cf total car market at +1%). The Tesla Model 3 is back to No 2 (321 units sold cf 4th in April at 251 sales). In this market Tesla Model 3 is a distant second behind the ever popular Renault Zoe (1331 units sold).
  • In Norway, in a total EV market up 60%, Tesla was again second, selling 705 units, just behind the VW e-golf at 779 units.
  • In the Netherlands (EV market up 193% y/y) Tesla was yet again second, with 419 units sold, this time behind the Hyundai Kona at 434 units.
  • German data is expected shortly, but the overall trend seems to be for the Tesla Model 3 European sales in May to have settled around a similar level to those seen in April – when they sold c. 3,700 units, just behind the Renault Zoe.

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