Existing Tesla Superchargers are now cranking out more power

Existing Tesla Superchargers are now cranking out more power (Charged EVs)

  • Tesla recently launched its next-generation Supercharger V3 which can charge at rates of up to 250kW and has plans to increase the power levels at its existing V2 stations as well (to 145kW).
  • While the charging rates of the Model S and X are still unknown, the company’s Model 3 can charge at up to 250kW, and Tesla’s recent software updates will enable the Model 3 to get the maximum rates out of V2 chargers.
  • US charging company ‘Electrify America’ is currently building a next-gen charging network that supports charging speeds of up to 350kW, which the upcoming Audi e-tron and Porsche Taycan reportedly can handle.

Analysis & Comments

  • At one level, we find the development work being carried out on fast DC based charging very encouraging.
  • It shows that fast (i.e. 150kW and above) chargers have the potential to be profitable without subsidies, even at low capacity utilisation.
  • This is unlike public AC chargers, which I see as requiring permanent public or corporate support.
  • However, I would suggest caution for now – most battery packs cannot handle fast charging at the level suggested in the story (above 150kW).
  • At least for the next few years these ultra fast chargers will be targeted at a small number of luxury EV models, for most users 150kW will be more than sufficient.

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