Fortnite Bundle Features Nike Air Jordans in First Real-Life Brand Partnership

Fortnite Bundle Features Nike Air Jordans in First Real-Life Brand Partnership (The Esports Observer)

  • Epic Games has partnered with Nike to introduce a new bundle of items in its popular game Fortnite that includes Air Jordan branded character outfits and shoes.
  • The bundle can be bought for the equivalent of c. USD20 in in-game currency.
  • While this is not the first  time Epic has partnered with brands for promotions within Fortnite (Marvel Studios has previously used it to promote its Avenger movies), this activation features real-life products for the first time.

Analysis & Comments

  • While new non-endemic partnerships and sponsorship deals are revealed pretty much every week, this one stands out because it involves in-game skins reflecting ‘regular’ items that can actually be bought in real life for the first time.
  • In introducing such skins, Epic Games will have to walk a fine line going forward between offering visually appealing character alterations and skins that are ultimately just brand advertisements.  
  • eSports and video games represent an appealing tool for many brands wanting to target Millennials and Gen Z’s, and Epic’s Fortnite stands out especially, as it has evolved into somewhat of a social media platform following its explosive success.
  • I will keep our eyes open for more announcements of this sort.

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