Did H&R Block Just Did A No-No???

Long story short, about two months ago, my mom, feel off the bed, reaching for the phone, suffered and contusion in her elbow and my mother missed the AARP deadline to get her taxes done for free because sister forgot to take my mother to her.

I use to do my own taxes, so I told my mother I would do them for her. During my research I came across website on the IRS website that one can use to file their taxes for free if they meet certain criteria.

I also looked at H&R Block who offered a similar service. Because I didn’t have the time, I set my mother up to get her taxes done through H&R Block. My mother’s taxes are now done, so I told her to focus on something else that will cause her a headache. Well, it seems H&R Block just got a headache too.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on two state agencies Wednesday to investigate Intuit, H&R Block and other companies that prepare tax returns, citing recent media reports that the companies allegedly hid their free tax filing options from Google searches.

Americans who make an adjusted gross income of $66,000 a year or less are eligible to file their tax returns for free under the Free File Alliance — an agreement between the IRS, major tax preparation companies and states, including New York. The partnership was an exchange for the IRS promising not to create its own free, online service.

But Intuit, the maker of TurboTax, and H&R Block are actively steering taxpayers away from their free versions — TurboTax Free File and H&R Block Free File — according to a report Sunday by ProPublica. In order to do so, the companies are allegedly adding code to tell Google and other search engines not to list the free versions of their online tax filing tools.


So where might H&R Block stock price head next, lets go to the charts?

Monthly Chart (Curve Timeframe) – monthly supply is at $34 and the monthly demand is at $17.

Weekly Chart (Trend Timeframe) – the trend is sideways.

Daily Chart (Entry) – no trade set-up at the moment, the chart suggests to play the extremes at the monthly zones.

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