Is it Skill or Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

This is a point I have shared before but want to share again.

Anyone who reads my blog or listens to the Scaredycat investor show has probably heard me at least once say:

  • 90% of trading and investing is psychology, the other 10% is skill.

Change Your Story, Change Your Beliefs

This is actually super powerful as most of us tell ourselves a story throughout each and everyday.

It’s that story of why something is they way it is, we rationalize things – we create excuses.

What’s the Point?

The point of bringing this up is that a large majority of the time (more than you think) the reason we find ourselves in a certain situation is due to our beliefs about ourselves, about people, about money, about success.

Think about this – does anyone want to live paycheck to paycheck?

Pretty sure most everyone is going to say no.

This is not about being rich, this is an example of a struggle that so many find themselves in, of which many are there due to their beliefs.

They believe:

  • “Money is the root of all evil”
  • “Rich people are selfish and greedy”
  • “More money, more problems”

Do you see what is going on here?

This is the story they tell themselves everyday, thus they deeply believe that money is bad and does no good.

Literally programming oneself to always be poor. To only have just the bare minimum to get by as anything more is evil or makes you a greedy selfish person.

If you find yourself struggling with something, whether it is financially, relationships or career – the key to change may just be…

Change Your Story, Change Your Beliefs

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