The Time vs. Money Conundrum

I’ve talked many times before about the value of time vs. money.  Still I find myself at times falling into a trap and thinking, what the heck am I doing right now?

Property Turnover

Anytime I need to turnover a property to either get it rent ready for a new tenant or spruced up enough to list and sell I call my contractor.

He’s pretty decent and is a jack of all trades.  Problem is he is a one man wrecking crew, which means only one thing can be done at a time.

This is where I come in.  I decide to convert myself to his sidekick laborer each big job he does for me so much of the grunt work can be done while he is handling the skill work.

Best Use of My Time?

So I have been killing myself the past week trying to help get this property ready to list.  I’m physically spent and have not been able to post much, work on my online business at all or look at any real estate deals.

All of those things make me money in one way or another.

How much am I making being a laborer on my own job?  Well, I’m saving some money that is for sure, but in the end it’s probably less than a thousands bucks.

Is all my time, energy, effort and stepping away from my work and business worth that amount?

Probably not.  Yet, I stubbornly did it again.

So in the end we always need to ask ourselves.  If I do this thing how much is it costing me in time and opportunity as opposed at just looking at what is gained.  Many times we are taking a loss and not realizing it.

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