The Time vs. Money Decision

One of the fun decision dilemmas in life….

Time vs. Money

Here’s the thing, we all look at money with a sense of value. X amount of dollars get us X amount of services/goods in return. So when it comes to money, many of us want to save some of it by doing a few extra things ourselves.

This makes complete sense, get less services/goods spend less money.

Or does it?

The Value of Your Time

How come we do not think about how much our time is worth? Some of us do, but the majority of us don’t quantify this. However, that’s exactly what we need to do in order to make an apples to apples comparison of time vs. money in order to find the better option.

Really think about this. How much would you create in income doing whatever it is you do (blogging, web designer, coin mining, etc.) instead of doing a task you could pay someone else to do?

The kicker is that person will probably do it faster and better than you since they perform it regularly.

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